World Ninja Day- 5 December

December 5 each year is the International Ninja Day. 
Who were the ninjas? It is thought the first ninja was a fighter against the rich feudal samurai. Then came the Chinese monks and established schools ninja - and were taught the Ninja Theory and its fighting techniques. They fought in wars for several centuries until peace came to Japan and then left the ninja reality and into movies and comic books instead.  

Ninja (in kanji: 忍者) is a late concept from the late 17th century that was coined in retrospect to describe diverse groups of regular guerrillas or mercenaries from the Sengoku period in Japan.
The ninjas, as portrayed in popular culture, are masked black-clad guerrillas who exploit martial arts knowledge for espionage and assassinations. They specialize in camouflage, quiet and covert movement, disappearance and evasion. Typical ninja weapons in Western cinema are the ninja sword (which has not historically existed), the Sai daggers, the shuriken ("ninja star") and the yumi (Japanese archery). They are also aided by bombs and smoke bombs.

Ninja often appears in action movies and martial arts movies, mostly American.

How to celebrate International Ninja day?
On this day, every ordinary people can become a ninja one day. On this day, dress in black clothes and black masks and sneak friends and work as ninjas. Dress as Ninja and upload your photos to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.
If you want to feel like a ninja, do not forget it's just a costume and be careful not to do dangerous things.

December 5 is also World Soil Day and Repeal Day

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