Croissant Day - January 30

Croissant Day is celebrated in the United States on January 30 each year.
Legend has it that the croissant was created in Vienna, in 1863, when the Turkish Empire laid siege to Vienna.
The Turks made several attempts to conquer the city by force, but were unsuccessful, so they decided to try to take control of it through underground tunnels.

The bakers of Vienna, who worked in the cellars, heard the sounds of the excavation and called the army of cities. Thanks to their vigilance, the bakers received great respect and gratitude for their help in preventing the Turkish takeover and in memory of the event they baked a crescent-shaped cake - the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. Since the defeat of the Turks, it has been customary to serve Viennese coffee with a crescent-shaped pastry at breakfast.
Legend has it that more than a century later, Marie Antoinette introduced the croissant to the French who enthusiastically adopted it and has since been identified with French cuisine.
In France, the croissant is usually prepared without a filling, or with almonds or chocolate. In the United States it is customary to fill the croissant with all sorts of things like cheese or meat before baking.
French chef Dominique Ansel, who lives in New York, invented the croissant in 2013 - a pastry that is half a croissant and half a donut. Ansique's confectionery located in SoHo, New York, Dominique Ansel Bakery, has become one of the most sought after confectioneries in the world. To get the pastry there was a long queue every day for a few hours before opening and by 8:15 there were no more pastries left.

How to celebrate Croissant Day?
Who doesn't love a croissant? It comes with butter, with chocolate, with almonds and more. You can eat it with jam, honey and even without anything it will be very tasty. There is nothing like a fresh and hot croissant next to the coffee to celebrate Croissant Day. So in honor of Croissant Day, make or buy yourself a fresh croissant and enjoy every bite!

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