Curmudgeons Day- January 29

You will not believe but there is also a day like this. The Curmudgeons day is a day dedicated to all the disgruntled, nervous, irritable and bad-tempered people regularly or most of the time.
There are several ways to celebrate or mark this day. Some say you can stay home and do nothing. There are those who say that this is the day when you are allowed to be as miserable and irritable as you want. Whatever you choose to do, this is a day to celebrate the sourness and bitterness of life.

Curmudgeons Day is celebrated in honor of William Claude Dockenfield, known as W.C. Fields, who was a famous comedian and a grumpy man himself.
W.C. Fields was born on January 29, 1880 and died on December 25, 1946. He created the character of a misanthrope, egocentric and alcoholic who hates dogs, women and children and despises religion, its customs and its priests. The fictional character clung to him and became so identified with him that the boundary between the character and the actor who plays her blurred in terms of the public towards the end of his life. Only with the publication of his diaries and personal letters did it become clear that he was married (but living separately from his wife) and was a loving father to his children and grandchildren.

And here's a justification for being resentful and nervous: a list of the most annoying things in life.
There is no doubt that the most annoying things in life are big things like arguments about politics, or drivers who are not considerate on the road and more. But there are lots of other annoying things in life that may be small but they can really upset. Here are some examples of such things and we would be happy if you add more to us in the comments (it's really annoying that there are no comments 😉):

1. The most annoying thing is to write someone good luck in response to a picture he posted on Facebook and then get a million notifications about what other people have written to him. (Solution: Turn off notifications for this post)

2. The most annoying thing is that it rains right after you wash the car.

3. The most annoying thing is that you have to poop in the middle of the shower or right after you get out of it.

4. Find out that your coffee has cooled down.

5. The most annoying thing is that no matter how much you like a particular song, once you turn it to ring your alarm you will start to hate it to death.

6. The most annoying thing is the models who say they are so thin because of their natural metabolism and they actually eat whatever they feel like.

7. The most annoying thing is these people you tell them something unpleasant has happened to you and then they start saying to you: But why did you do that? You should have asked me!

8. The most annoying is the one that itches at the bottom of the foot.

9. The most annoying thing is that you record a show on VOD and then see part of it and stop, and because there is an eye drawing next to the recording, someone comes and deletes it for you.

10. The most annoying thing is that you watch a series with someone and he continues to watch episodes without you.

11. The most annoying thing is TV commercials breaks.

12. The most annoying thing is to make an invested salad and at the end, when you add the salt, accidentally open the large whole and then you pour a lot of salt into the salad and destroy it.

13. The most annoying is the ones that whenever you tell them something, they immediately tell you their story that is better, or bigger or more impressive.

14. The most annoying thing is that someone tag or post your picture on Facebook that you are really ugly.

15. The most annoying thing is to breakup with someone and be told afterwards "he was not worth you at all".

16. The most annoying thing is a flat tire.

17. The most annoying thing is that all sorts of stupid people with shoe intelligence who have participated in reality shows get their own TV talk shows.

18. The most annoying is people who get annoyed by every little thing.

19. The most annoying thing is that you run out of hot water in the middle of the shower.

20. The most annoying thing is that until you finally get a call from the lottery, it's to offer you another subscription.

21. The most annoying thing is to miss calls on your cell phone from a confidential number while you are waiting for an important call.

22. The most annoying thing is to drive to the post office to pick up a package, look for full time parking because it is always on the busiest and busiest street and at the end find that the post office is closed.

23. The most annoying thing is to come home after you have not been there for hours and find out that you have not turned off the boiler or the stove in the shower.

24. The most annoying is phones from a confidential number that ask you for donations, offer you loans or telemarketing.

25. The most annoying thing is to find out that a garment has become too small for you. Why do you never find out that the garment has become too big for you?

26. The most annoying thing is stepping on dog poop on the street.

27. The most annoying thing is to find out too late in the toilet that you don't have toilet paper.

What are the things that annoy you the most?

January 29 is also Puzzle Day

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