National Blond Brownies Day - January 22

The blondies are the lighter version of the brownies.
While the brownies got their name from the brown color, the blondies got their name from the light color. The difference between brownies and blondes is created by replacing cocoa with brown sugar.

There are several stories about the invention of the brownies: they were first mentioned in the catalog of the 1897 Sears store chain or in the 1896 Boston cookbook published by Fanny Farmer.
There is a story that states that they were first created by chefs at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago in 1893 in honor of the World's Fair. The owners of the hotel wanted to sell to the ladies who visited the exhibition small and low chocolate cakes that they could eat on a napkin without getting dirty. Another claim states that it happened by mistake, when the cook forgot to add baking powder to a chocolate cake recipe and that is why it came out very low.

No matter who first invented the brownies and how, one thing is indisputable and that is that these are very tasty cookies. January 22nd is today to get to know and cherish their blonde version - the Blondies.
Blondies enrich the flavor with caramel, vanilla or maple sauce and sometimes use white chocolate or nut chips.
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How to celebrate Blond Brownies Day?
In honor of Blond Brownies Day, make these delicious and easy-to-prepare cookies at home, devour them yourself or invite friends or family to eliminate with you.

A cool recipe for devastating blondies cookies

1 packet of margarine
2 packets of white chocolate
4 eggs
A cup and a half of puffed flour
A cup and a half of brown or white sugar

Melt a packet of margarine and remove from the heat.
Add the cocoa or 2 packets of chocolate. Stir when it is not on the fire until a uniform texture is obtained and return to the fire. Remove from the heat (the white chocolate does not mix with the margarine but that's fine).
Mix the 4 eggs, the puffed flour and the sugar in a mixer. Add the melted chocolate and mix.
Pour everything into a medium greased pan and bake for about 25 minutes on medium heat (175 degrees).
After removing from the oven sprinkle over powdered sugar.

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