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Chocolate Chip Day- May 15

Who doesn't like chocolate chips?
Chocolate chips are a great addition to cakes, cookies, ice cream, pancakes, malawach, crepes, chocolate, coffee and even as a snack alone.

To celebrate the chocolate Chip day, add chocolate chips to all kinds of things as we listed earlier, or prepare something special with chocolate chips.
Chocolate Chip Day- May 15

You can also arrange chocolate chips in special shapes like smiling faces or write something. Chocolate chips can also be an excellent decoration for cakes.
happy chocolate chips day

Who Invented the Chocolate Chips?
Like many things in life, chocolate chips were invented by accident. It began with the first chocolate chip crate prepared in 1937 by Ruth Wakefield from the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. She wanted to make chocolate cake, but she was out of cocoa powder. So she mixed pieces of dark chocolate in the cookies with cookies. The cookies were a great success. In 1939, Wakefield signed an agreement with Nestle whereby the company would add its recipe to cookies for its chocolate packaging, and it would receive an unlimited supply of chocolate. At first Nestle added a small cutting tool to her chocolate tables. In 1941, Nestle began to produce the chocolate shaped chips. A few other companies followed suit.
Nestlé also has a chocolate chip brand called "Toll House" after the inn where the cookies were invented.

Vanilla Cupcake Day - November 10th

Vanilla Cupcake Day is a special day for cupcake lovers with a vanilla flavor designed to cherish the little cake and celebrate its existence.

The cupcake was invented in the United States in 1796 when the recipe for a cake baked in small cups was written in the cookbook - American Cookery (by Emilia Simmons). 

The earliest documentation of the term cupcake was in 1828 in the book "Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats" by Eliza Leslie, a popular recipe writer from Philadelphia who lived in the 19th century.

The cupcakes got their name because of their baking in a cup-shaped mold. In the UK they are called Fairy Cakes and in Australia Patty Cakes. The vanilla cupcakes are made by adding vanilla extract to the cake batter and icing or any topping.

Did you know? Vanilla is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world, second only to saffron.


The vanilla plant is first cultivated by the people of the Totonak on the east coast of Mexico. The spice came to Europe by the Spaniards in the 16th century by the conqueror Hernan Cortes, the man who also brought the chocolate to Europe. Rumor has it that Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, is the one who brought vanilla from France to America in the late 19th century, after tasting vanilla-flavored cream ice cream in Paris.

By the end of the 19th century, Mexico had produced almost all of the vanilla in the world. Today, however, it produces only about 10% of the world's total production of the spice. Madagascar and Indonesia now produce most of the vanilla in the world.

Despite the expense involved, vanilla is one of the most sought after flavors in the world. Today, it is used in a variety of food items, including cakes, ice creams and beverages; And products like perfumes and candles.

The reason for choosing the date of November 10 today is the vanilla cupcake is unknown.


How to celebrate Vanilla Cupcake Day?

Make vanilla cupcakes and serve them to family, friends and co-workers as well. If you do not have someone to eat with you, not the end of the world. You can eat alone and keep the rest in the freezer.


November 10 is also World Science Day for Peace and Development and Sesame Street Day

Biscuit Day - May 29

May 29 is Biscuit Day, the cookie that usually goes with a dip in coffee or tea.
The biscuit is a crispy cookie, slightly sweet, flat, usually square but there are also round biscuits.
The biscuit was invented on September 8, 1886 by Louis Lefèvre-Utile of the French city of Nantes, who called it "Petit beurre".


Did you know that the shape of the biscuit has its original wild flakes and holes where it has meaning?
The shape of the biscuit represents the calendar year. It has four corners for the four seasons. It has 14 longitudinal teeth and 10 lateral teeth. That is, 52 teeth in total (when adding the teeth in the corners), as the number of weeks per year. There are 24 holes on the surface of the biscuit, about the number of hours in a day.


Louis' original bar mouthpiece, representing the calendar year (photo source
The biscuit was a worldwide success, but since Louis did not copyright it, many companies began copying its recipe and form. It was not until 1888 that Louis registered it as copyright and called it the "original Petit beurre" to differentiate it from the brands of competing companies.


The common flavors of biscuits are butter, coffee, cinnamon and more.
One of the best delicacies of the summer is the ice cream sandwich  made of two biscuits with vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream in between.
There is also a savory biscuit which is basically a cracker.
There are biscuits for dogs that are given to them as a positive reinforcement during training or just as a treat.


How to celebrate Biscuit Day?
Make tea or instant coffee, serve it with a plate of biscuits next to it. Dip the biscuits into the hot beverage and eat. Just be careful that the biscuit does not fall and fall apart inside the glass. If that happens, you can eat the melted biscuit in a spoon, not bad.
Another option is to take a biscuit and spread chocolate spread or peanut butter on it. You can also have jam or whatever you feel like.
The main thing is to have a happy biscuit day!

French Macaron Day- March 20

French macaron day is a day of celebration in honor of the French cookies, baked light, made from two interlinked cookies with cream.

The macaron is a general name for light-baked cookies whose dough contains no flour, butter, oil or margarine, and is based on protein foam and sugar. The day of the French macaron is a festive day for French cookies, lightly baked, made from two cookies. 

Who invented the French macaron?

The French macaron was invented by Pierre Desfontaines, a confectioner from the delicatessen of Lourdes in Paris. He invented the idea of a cookie consisting of two layers of macaron dough with different fillings that hold the layers together, such as butter cream, jam or ganache.

French macaron are not only tasty and have a delicate and addictive texture, but come in a variety of colors and flavors, a real feast for the eyes.

Macaroni in Gift Box (link)


In honor of the day of the French macaron, make colorful macaron or buy a delicious pastry bakery and do not forget to offer me some too.

Oreo cookies Birthday - March 6

Oreo cookies are among the most delicious cookies that exist. Although they have a lot of calories, fat and sugar, there is almost no one who can resist them.
The first day Oreo cookies were sold was 109 years ago, on March 6, 1912, and in the first hundred years since, more than 500,000,000,000 cookies have been sold!
Every day, 95 million Oreo cookies are sold worldwide, which means that far, far more than 500 billion cookies have been sold so far.

In honor of the sweet birthday of Oreo cookies, here are some interesting facts about them:
About half of the people who eat Oreo cookies separate their two biscuits first.
If you make a tower out of all the Oreo cookies sold in a day, you will reach the tower 136 times Everest.
Making an Oreo cookie takes exactly 59 minutes - from mixing the ingredients to packing.
Oreo is considered the best-selling cookie in the world. It is available in more than 100 countries.
Oreo cookies, in their original version at least, are vegan. They do not contain eggs, milk and anything animal.
Oreo cookies are very tasty, and everyone has their own method of eating them. There are those who dip in milk, there are those who like to peel the white cream and eat it separately, there are those who like to eat only the cream and leave the biscuits naked alone.
Food artist Tisha Cherry decided to give Oreo cookies a special creative treatment: she uploaded to her Instagram page pictures of Oreo cookies she sculpted from their white cream all sorts of things like the head of the jellyfish monster from Greek mythology, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Football and more. Besides, she has lots of other beautiful creations in food, which you can see on her Instagram page: Tisha Cherry 

In the summer of 2013, Oreo released a limited edition version of watermelon flavored cookies. You can also get them now on Amazon.

If you like to dip your Oreo cookies in milk or tea, and do not want to dip your fingers in the way, you can use this cookie dip that fits basically all sandwich cookies in two layers.

An Oreo advertisement from 1950

Advertisement for Oreo from 1940 (Source)
If you have not yet decided what to wear on Purim, you can dress up as an Oreo cookie and a glass of milk:
Double costume: Oreo and milk (Link)

And quite by chance (probably), March 6 is also Dentists' Day ... and Frozen Food Day

National Blond Brownies Day - January 22

The blondies are the lighter version of the brownies.
While the brownies got their name from the brown color, the blondies got their name from the light color. The difference between brownies and blondes is created by replacing cocoa with brown sugar.

There are several stories about the invention of the brownies: they were first mentioned in the catalog of the 1897 Sears store chain or in the 1896 Boston cookbook published by Fanny Farmer.
There is a story that states that they were first created by chefs at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago in 1893 in honor of the World's Fair. The owners of the hotel wanted to sell to the ladies who visited the exhibition small and low chocolate cakes that they could eat on a napkin without getting dirty. Another claim states that it happened by mistake, when the cook forgot to add baking powder to a chocolate cake recipe and that is why it came out very low.

No matter who first invented the brownies and how, one thing is indisputable and that is that these are very tasty cookies. January 22nd is today to get to know and cherish their blonde version - the Blondies.
Blondies enrich the flavor with caramel, vanilla or maple sauce and sometimes use white chocolate or nut chips.
Photo source: Instagram 
How to celebrate Blond Brownies Day?
In honor of Blond Brownies Day, make these delicious and easy-to-prepare cookies at home, devour them yourself or invite friends or family to eliminate with you.

A cool recipe for devastating blondies cookies

1 packet of margarine
2 packets of white chocolate
4 eggs
A cup and a half of puffed flour
A cup and a half of brown or white sugar

Melt a packet of margarine and remove from the heat.
Add the cocoa or 2 packets of chocolate. Stir when it is not on the fire until a uniform texture is obtained and return to the fire. Remove from the heat (the white chocolate does not mix with the margarine but that's fine).
Mix the 4 eggs, the puffed flour and the sugar in a mixer. Add the melted chocolate and mix.
Pour everything into a medium greased pan and bake for about 25 minutes on medium heat (175 degrees).
After removing from the oven sprinkle over powdered sugar.

National Brownies Day - December 8

National Brownies Day is celebrated on December 8 every year. The brownies are a type of chocolate cake cut into squares, named after their brown color. The chocolate cake from which the brownies are cut is very low and thick, and is often filled with nuts (especially walnuts), chocolate chips or peanut butter.

The homeland of the brownies is the United States and they usually serve them with ice cream or whipped cream.

There is an urban legend that tells that the cookies were accidentally invented by a scattered cook who forgot to add to the chocolate cake he made baking powder. This story has no evidence.

Another version says that the cookies were invented in 1893, during the Chicago World Expo in Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel.

The hotel owner's wife, Bertha Palmer, asked the hotel's pastry chef to make a suitable dessert for the women who attended the show that would be small enough to fit in lunch boxes or low and small that they could eat with a napkin without getting dirty. The result was the Palmer House brownies with walnuts on top and apricot glaze.

Today the modern Palmer House Hotel serves the brownies as a dessert to its guests made from the same recipe and to this day it is one of the hotel's most beloved desserts. The original recipe of the Palmer House.

The brownies were first mentioned by name in the The 1897 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog.

1897 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue - page 16 (link)

The brownies have a golden version - the blondies that have a special day on January 22nd.

In 1907 a new recipe for the brownies appeared in the Lowney's Cook Book, by  Maria Willet Howard who adapted the recipe of the Boston School of Cooking for "Bangor's Brownies." She added more egg and more chocolate to the recipe and created a richer dessert. Her recipe is named after the town of Bangor in the state of Maine which was the birthplace of the housewife who claimed to have invented the original recipe of the brownies.

The claim that the housewife from Bangor was the inventor of the brownies was refuted in "The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink" which states that there are cookbooks from 1904 that already included a recipe for brownies identical to Bangor's brownies.

Cool fact - the brownie fairy is a little dwarf that appears in British folklore, who comes home at night and performs household chores if the household members left him a bowl of milk or cream on the fireplace.

How to celebrate National Brownies Day?

There are so many brownie recipes, that it's not a problem to find a recipe for making brownies at any level of preparation and with any ingredient you fancy. Make classic brownies or with crazy ingredients like candies, pretzel chips, salty snacks or whatever you want to try and vary. Give to friends, neighbors or family and do not eliminate everything alone!

Post your brownies photos and recipes on social media with the hashtag #browniesday

December 8 is also Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Chocolate Cupcake Day- October 18th

What can be better than a chocolate Cake? Chocolate cupcakes!

Why? Because it's personal and you don't have to share it with anyone! 😉

The cupcake originates in 1796, when in the recipe for chocolate cake in the American cookbook of Amelia Simmons, it was written "cake for baking in cups".

This book was the first known cookbook and baking book written by an American. 

In pictures: The first edition of the American Cookery, written by Amelia Simmons and published in 1796. 


The word cupcake first appeared in 1828 in Eliza Leslie's recipe book, "Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats".

In the picture: the recipe that appeared in the book from 1828. You can see that the writer called the cake cup cake, in two words. 

The cupcakes were originally baked in heavy clay cups. Today, you can bake them with appropriate cups, cups or molds that can be easily found in any kitchenware store.

Cupcake Day Chocolate is a national day of the US To celebrate the cupcake day, make a delicious cupcake, add whipped cream or cream and cherry or candies, or sprinkle with powdered sugar.

 Happy chocolate cupcake day!

October 18th is also Alaska Day

Candies and sweets coloring pages

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Choose the coloring page of candy you want to color, print and paint for your enjoymentTo print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

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