Organize Your Home Day- January 14

It may not sound like much fun, but January 14th is a day of arranging and organizing the house. You may have a lot of work to do, but in the end you will be happy and say thank to yourself for that. Your home will be neat and organized, it will be fun to sit in and you will also be able to host people at a moment's notice. If you can keep the house in this condition until next year - it will be wonderful.

A tidy home contributes to balance in life. It reduces stress and contributes to your efficiency. It can save you time of searching, money on buying things you think you need and forgot you have, and in general it is much more pleasant.
A tidy house has many benefits, and if the house you live in is messy, it is today to tidy up and organize it and enjoy the benefits.

Another advantage of the house arrangement is that you burn calories. In light cleaning jobs like dusting and arranging cabinets, burn 170 calories an hour. If you carry heavy things along the way, the number of calories you burn will increase. An hour of sweeping the floor will burn you 270 calories and an hour of washing dishes will waste 200 calories.

How to celebrate Organize Your Home Day?
The first step is to plan the process and decide on the order of the tasks.
The second step is to collect the detergents you will use and concentrate them in one accessible place.
The next step is to start working: collect all the objects that are not in place and put them back in place.
Once you have arranged, it is time to start cleaning: Dust is removed from the shelves and objects. Start from the top and move down.
Sweep the house, vacuum, rinse it and take the garbage out to the trash outside.
After you finish, sit on the couch with your legs up and rest ...

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