Be Humble Day - February 22nd

Humility is one of the rare traits that is hardest to find. Humility is one of the best virtues that can be found in human beings.
There seems to be a paradox in humility, that people who are humble cannot be proud of their humility.
Humility is a trait of someone who does not rise above others, who feels equal to them, who does not put himself at the center. A person who is humble is not necessarily a person who belittles himself in relation to others or thinks he is less good, but a person who thinks he is equal to others and sees them in exactly the same place as him.

Humility is a trait that leads to good communication with other people. Contrary to popular belief, humility can cause you to be "stepped on", humility actually leads to you being respected and valued, because the humble person's attitude towards others is respectful and usually, it causes the other side to respect back.
Think of the people in your life - who is the Swiss braggart who puts himself at the center and who is humble and responsive who gives place to others? Who do you like more?

Who Invented the Day of Humility?
As expected, the person who invented this day did not take credit for it and remained anonymous.
On the occasion of Humility Day, you can keep the silence associated with humility. Do not make loud statements, do not brag, just be humble, humble. You will discover how much it gives peace and quiet to the soul when you do not feel the need to brag and constantly adorn yourself with achievements.
Albert Einstein said, "A true genius admits he knows nothing" And if Albert Einstein said that, what shall we say?
February 22 is also Margarita Day

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