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Garfield's Birthday - June 19th

Garfield's Day, which is actually his birthday, is celebrated every year on June 19th. Garfield was created by the famous cartoonist Jim Davis and appeared in the comics for the first time on June 19, 1978. The comics also featured Garfield's owners, Jon Arbuckle and his dog friend Odie.

Garfield is a cat who especially likes to sleep and eat lasagna in quantities and hates Mondays. It is named after the grandfather of creator Jim Davis, James Garfield Davis (named after the 20th President of the United States, James Abram Garfield).

2 comic strips by Jim Davis in honor of Garfield's 8th birthday.
The author writes:
Garfield has two consecutive birthday bands in 1986, it's appropriate to do both for him. No wonder he's so fat, when John feeds him so much food!
And what is cherry phosphate? That's what John Arbeckel calls cherry-flavored soda.
How to celebrate Garfield's birthday?
Eat a lot of lasagna, sleep a lot and complain that you hate Monday ....

(Source: Facebook)

June 19 is also Juneteenth

Towel Day - May 25

The Towel Day, which falls on May 25, is a day of honor in memory of the author Douglas Adams (1952-2001), who wrote the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
The date was set two weeks after the date of Adams' death, May 11, 2001, because it was the shortest time it took to spread the word about the existence of that day.
On this day, fans of the writer and lovers of his memory take a towel with them wherever they go.

Why celebrate Towel Day?

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The source for Towel Day is in Adams' story, in the seventh episode of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, first book, about his vacation in Greece, and the fact that whenever he wanted to go to the sea, he found that his towel was gone. After his vacation was over, he decided that whoever wanted his life to be tidy, "should know where his towel is" and not panic. The book describes the towel as the most useful item a hitchhiker can take with him as he wanders among the stars.

Towel Day is a great day to rejuvenate with a huge new beach towel in a mandala design or something else cool (Link)

 May 25 is also Tap Dance Day

Museum Day- May 18

Museum Day is a day where you should soak up culture and art and visit any museum, no matter which one.

This day has been declared by the International Council of Museums as a day dedicated entirely to museums, on May 18 each year.

Each year, the council dedicates a particular theme to Museum Day, and many museums around the world hold special days on the subject. More than 30,000 museums around the world participate in Museum Day, a day founded in 1977.

what is today - Museum Day

International Nurses Day - May 12

Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12 each year as a tribute to the profession of the nurse who plays such an important role in the medical system.

International Nurses Day

Nurses play a key role in our medical institutions, hospitals and health funds, and they are responsible for the welfare, safety and recovery of patients. Nurses Day is designed to recognize the tireless efforts, the long hours, and the hard work done by the nurses who devotedly care for the sick and wounded.
The Nurses Day was established by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1965. 

Two Different Colored Shoes Day - May 3

May 3 each year is Two Different Colored Shoes Day. Every morning we wake up, get dressed and put on matching shoes without thinking about it. The shoes are of course the same because if we go with a pair of shoes where each shoe is different everyone will look at us as if we have fallen from the moon.

We can express ourselves in many ways, but why not kick conventions one day and leave the house with two shoes in two different colors? Dr. Arlene Kaiser was tired of the same shoe locking ceremony (which are usually in black, brown or white) and decided to create a special day where everyone wears two shoes in two colors.

This day is meant to make us all appreciate our diversity and self-expression.

So go ahead, one day a year do not consider what the society tells us is normal, choose two different shoes in different colors and go with them to work or school. Yes, people will look at you but what do you care, you know how important to diversify.

To the website of Dr. Arlene Kaiser, who wears two shoes in two colors.

Two Different Colored Shoes Day

May 3 is also Garden Meditation Day

Purple day for awareness of epilepsy - March 26

Purple Day is an event designed to raise awareness of epilepsy. This day has been going on since 2008, and to mark it people wear a purple item in their clothes, or a purple ribbon.
The creator of this day is Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia in Canada who suffers from epilepsy. Her idea was to get people to talk about the disease, dispel myths about the disease and raise awareness about it in general, and also to make people with epilepsy understand that they are not alone.

In 2009, the Anita Kaufmann Foundation in New York and the Epilepsy Association in Nova Scotia joined forces to launch International Purple Day. The combined efforts have led to the involvement of many organizations, schools, businesses, politicians and celebrities around the world. The Purple Day, held on March 26, 2009, was attended by more than 100,000 students, 95 jobs and 116 politicians.
These two organizations (The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia, Anita Kaufmann Foundation) are the global sponsors of Purple Day and are committed to partnering with individuals and organizations around the world to promote awareness of epilepsy.
Epilepsy disease is a group of long-term neurological disorders characterized by epileptic seizures. These seizures are events that range from short and almost indistinguishable events to long periods of strong tremors. Seizures that appear in epilepsy have no immediate cause. Seizures that occur for some reason are not considered epileptic. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dentists' Day - March 6

Dentists' Day is a day of appreciation for people who care about the health of our mouths and the integrity of our teeth.
We usually do everything we can to not see our dentist, and when it starts to hurt and there is no choice but to make an appointment, we are not excited to see him again, both because of the unpleasant treatment and because of the price.
Dentist Day is today to be nice to dentists and remember that they are just doing their job, so in honor of this day we will smile a wide smile full of white teeth at the dentist, and show him what good kids we are and how we take care of our teeth.

Some interesting and surprising facts about dentists:
Until the 20th century dentistry did not have a separate specialty in medicine and general practitioners also treated dentistry.
A dentist's chair from the beginning of the 20th century
Today dentistry is a broad medical-surgical field, with many specializations, dealing not only with the teeth and jaw but with the face, oral cavity and the base of the skull.
To become a dentist you have to study at the university for 6 years.

The first to practice dentistry were the Phoenicians who lived in the Lebanese area before the Bronze Age (3300 BC). The Phoenicians and Greeks were the pioneers in dentistry. Archaeological finds show that they used artificial teeth carved from ivory and attached to the real teeth with gold threads. They believed that what causes toothache are toothworms.
In the Middle Ages the treatment of diseased teeth was done by booksellers, blacksmiths, jewelers, blazers and others. Most of the time, those who were involved in extracting sore teeth were books.
In the photo: a tooth extraction in the Middle Ages

The first electric chair, intended for execution, was invented by Alfred P. Southwick, who was a dentist (Link).
Dentophobia is a fear of dentists. About 10-20 percent of the population suffers from it.

 March 6 is also the birthday of Oreo cookies and Frozen Food Day

National Multiple Personality Day- March 5

National Multiple Personality Day has two approaches to reference. The first approach is that this is a day designed to raise awareness of the severe psychiatric disorder called dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality disorder. The second approach is that it is a day to examine our qualities, how they are expressed in different places and at different times and how we show ourselves differently to different people.

The first approach designates this day to raise awareness to the real disorder that is a serious condition that is difficult to diagnose. In people who actually have multiple personality disorder, each time a different character they embody is manifested, usually with a different name, age and occupation and they are really convinced that each time they are someone else.
The second approach designates this day to celebrate the non-clinical phenomenon that occasionally happens to each of us, to celebrate with all the voices in our heads and most of all it is fine!
Many people believe that they have a number of personalities other than the main one they usually show in public, and that each of their personalities is characterized by different traits. Maybe it’s because in different situations and different environments, we behave differently. 
How to mark Personality Split Awareness / Dissociative Identity Disorder Day?
Because there are two ways to relate to this day, you can mark the day in one or both ways. One way is to explore your personality traits. Take personality tests and learn more about yourself. Invite friends to come in with you for a test and compare the results. The second way is to learn about dissociative identity disorder. Learn how it affects a person and how to treat it. You can watch lectures or read about the disorder. Show support for people with the disorder by sharing your new understanding. If you have a dissociative identity disorder, help raise awareness of it by talking to friends and family about how it affects you in your daily life. Talk to your therapist about ways to manage the disorder.

Personality Split Day is also a day to have fun with the non-clinical version of the disorder that most of us have from time to time. One can on this day have fun with the different characters we embody every day in different situations, and listen a little to the voices we hear in our heads that sometimes argue among themselves and drive us a little crazy.
Is it a day to think about what personality you have when you are in the company of people you do not know and what personality do you have when you are alone or with the people closest to you? Who do you feel comfortable with exposing your crazy side? In the company of who comes out of you the good and felt side and who takes out of you the evil side?

National Multiple Personality Day

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day- February 23

Every dog has its day and today is definitely the day of the dogs! February 23 is the holiday of appreciation for dog biscuits.
Dog biscuits were invented in the mid-19th century by James Spratt, an American manufacturer who visited Liverpool, England and saw there how dogs like to eat their owners' toast and cookies.
He thought the idea of making special biscuits for dogs, which would also contain meat and vegetables, would be wonderful and he returned from London with a secret recipe and opened Spratt's, the first company in the world to produce biscuits for dogs.


Today many dogs enjoy their special biscuits and they are also often used in training and as rewards in training programs.
There are many types of biscuits for dogs today, including those that clean dogs' teeth.
In honor of Dog Biscuit Day, give your best friend who walks on four biscuits and make his day!


In the photo: My dog smells the biscuits I bought her

Be Humble Day - February 22nd

Humility is one of the rare traits that is hardest to find. Humility is one of the best virtues that can be found in human beings.
There seems to be a paradox in humility, that people who are humble cannot be proud of their humility.
Humility is a trait of someone who does not rise above others, who feels equal to them, who does not put himself at the center. A person who is humble is not necessarily a person who belittles himself in relation to others or thinks he is less good, but a person who thinks he is equal to others and sees them in exactly the same place as him.

Humility is a trait that leads to good communication with other people. Contrary to popular belief, humility can cause you to be "stepped on", humility actually leads to you being respected and valued, because the humble person's attitude towards others is respectful and usually, it causes the other side to respect back.
Think of the people in your life - who is the Swiss braggart who puts himself at the center and who is humble and responsive who gives place to others? Who do you like more?

Who Invented the Day of Humility?
As expected, the person who invented this day did not take credit for it and remained anonymous.
On the occasion of Humility Day, you can keep the silence associated with humility. Do not make loud statements, do not brag, just be humble, humble. You will discover how much it gives peace and quiet to the soul when you do not feel the need to brag and constantly adorn yourself with achievements.
Albert Einstein said, "A true genius admits he knows nothing" And if Albert Einstein said that, what shall we say?
February 22 is also Margarita Day

Handcuffs Day - February 20

Handcuffs Day is happy if you are a law-abiding citizen, but if you have a criminal background, this day may not be so happy for you ....
Handcuffs Day is the anniversary of the worldwide patent-pending patent registration, the handcuffs invented by George A. Carney, on February 20, 1920.

The new design of criminal restraints has made the lives of police officers easier. The new handcuffs were lighter and easier to use than the previous handcuffs.
The original purpose of the handcuffs is to restrain criminals so that they cannot escape, but some people find other uses in them such as magicians making an appearance of Houdini-inspired handcuffs, or for intimate BDSM-style relationships.
In Japan, if you are photographing someone with their hands handcuffed, you should blur (pixelate) your hands if you publish the picture on TV or in the press. This is because of the case where Kazyoshi Miura, a Japanese businessman accused of murdering his wife (not the footballer), claimed in court that publicizing his hands in handcuffs had created prejudice in the trial he was guilty of.
Even in France it is forbidden to broadcast images of people handcuffed, or otherwise coerced.
In Hong Kong, people who are handcuffed and led by police are given the opportunity to put a black bag on their head.

Battery Day - February 18

Battery Day is a holiday of the electric battery, invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800 and we use it to this day. Thanks to the electric battery invented by Volta, scientists in his time were able to study electricity and its properties.
Battery Day was celebrated on the birthday of Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist who was born on February 18, 1745 and died on March 5, 1827.

Some facts you should know about the electric battery:
The volt, the unit of measure of electrical voltage, is named after Alessandro Volta.
Batteries should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent the appearance of chemical reactions that occur during heating. However, today's batteries are manufactured so that no chemical processes take place in them as long as they are at room temperature, up to 25 degrees.
Cooling is also a disadvantage - when you take the battery out of the refrigerator it takes time to reach peak output and produce the chemical process needed to produce energy.
The first battery built by Volta was a liquid chamber containing zinc and copper plates, placed one on top of the other, alternating between a porous material, saturated with electrolyte, usually a solution of mixed sulfuric acid. The first battery was called the "Voltaic Cell".

World Human Spirit Day- February 17

Human Spirit Day is celebrated around the world in honor of the free thought and power of the human spirit, in memory of the philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was executed by burning at the stake on February 17, 1600, for presenting beliefs contrary to the spirit of the Catholic Church at the time.
Giordano Bruno was a scientist, philosopher and astronomer born in 1548 in southern Italy during the Renaissance.
When he was born he was called Filippo, but when he grew up and was 17, he decided to become a Dominican monk and his master in the monastery gave him a new name: Giordano, after the Jordan River that always flows, like Filippo's thoughts. In 1572 he was ordained a priest.
Bruno was a very learned and curious man, who read countless books and writings. He was interested in Egyptian philosophy, memory and mythology and was greatly influenced by the ideas of the Greek philosopher Plato and the Polish mathematician astronomer Copernicus. His interest in science was not well received among the Dominican order at the time and he was forced to leave Italy to escape the Inquisition, the Catholic institution that persecuted, tortured and executed anyone considered to be opposed to religion.

Bruno traveled around Europe and managed to teach philosophy and write books about his new ideas, each time finding people who gave him protection from the Catholic Church like the King of France, Henry III.
In 1583 he came to England and tried to be accepted for teaching at the University of Oxford. He was not accepted even though Henry III recommended him. He was also unable to be accepted to other universities in England.
Because of his preoccupation with memory he was accused of practicing witchcraft and because of his connections with the French king he was accused of being a spy for France, but he stuck to his ideas and kept exploring and disseminating them.
He published important writings such as "The Italian Dialogues", and defended Copernicus' teachings about the universe. He introduced the theory of the structure of the universe and argued that the stars visible in the sky are suns, the universe is infinite and contains many worlds.
In 1585 he returned to Paris, but because of his views against the Catholic Church even there he was no longer accepted by the people, and he left for Germany.
In Germany he was accepted for a teaching position at the University of Wittenberg, where he taught for two years. In 1588 he was forced to leave Germany and move to Prague, after the name of the intellectual climate also changed and it became undesirable. In Prague he received money from King Rudolf II, but did not find a teaching post. He returned to Germany and was a professor at the University of Helmstedt in northern Germany, which he too was forced to leave when boycotted by Lutherans.

In 1951, while in Frankfurt, he received an invitation to Venice from Giovanni Mochenigo, one of the city's rulers, who asked him to help him develop his memory. He also heard about a vacancy teaching position for mathematics at the University of Padua. At that time the conservative pope Sixtus V died, and Bruno thought that now the Inquisition had lost its power, and would be safe to return to Italy.
He taught for a year at Padua, until he was fired and in his place the post was handed over to Galileo Galilei.
He moved to Venice and there taught Giovanni Mochenigo, the ruler who invited him to help him with his memory problems. Mochango expected Bruno to open his memory with magic, and was disappointed when Bruno taught him his system of shortcuts. Out of anger, Mochengo turned Bruno over to the Inquisition. On May 22, 1592, Bruno was arrested and sent to Rome for trial.
For six years Bruno was imprisoned. The Inquisition required him to fully deny his ideas but he refused. He was declared a heretic and burned at the stake on February 17, 1600 in Campo di Fiori, Rome. To prevent him from continuing to speak, the Inquisitors nailed his tongue to his jaw. To ease his agony during the execution, they tied a bag of gunpowder around his neck as they brought him to the stake.
Giordano Bruno is considered the first person to be executed by religion, in the name of science. He is considered the first "martyr" (martyred saint), who was willing to die for his faith in science.
He was accused of not believing in ductism, the belief that a third was not a physical body of man, and that he did not believe in the Holy Trinity. Until the last minute Bruno refused to back down from his ideas and when his sentence was read he said: "Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it."
(This is probably why they decided to nail his tongue).
After his death, in 1603, he began to gain recognition for his ideas and they were compiled and published in the book.
In 1899 a monument was erected in his memory, in Campo de 'Fiori, Italy, the place where he was executed.

Around 2000, 400 years after Bruno's execution, during the tenure of Pope John Paul II, the Christian Church expressed "deep sorrow" at the execution and recognized it as a mistake.
On the day of the human spirit people all over the world are invited to think about the right they have to free thought, which is not a matter of course. This day is designed to promote peace, love and creativity in the world and eliminate the bad thoughts, egos and aggression that create conflicts.

February 17 is also My Way day

Extraterrestrial Culture Day- the second Tuesday in February

Extraterrestrial Cultures Day is an official holiday celebrated in New Mexico that honors extraterrestrial cultures.
On this day we celebrate the cultures and our relationships with the aliens who visit or have visited Earth in the past, present and future. The holiday was officially designated by the New Mexico State Legislature, in memory of the "Roswell Incident" that occurred in 1947, in which there was evidence that a UFO crashed near the town of Roswell in New Mexico.
The holiday is celebrated every Tuesday in February every year.
In honor of the Extraterrestrial Cultures Day, tidy up the house and make a teapot for the guests - because E.T. can suddenly surprise you with a visit!

When will the Day of Extraterrestrial Cultures be celebrated in the coming years:
2021- February 9 
2022- February 8 
2023- February 12

Send a Card to a Friend Day - February 7

We all love and appreciate our friends, and we all also assume that they know how much we care about them and that they are always in our thoughts. Unfortunately, many of our friends do not know this and sometimes experience loneliness and do not appreciate it. This is why they invented the "Send your friend a greeting card" day!
This little gesture can make their day. All it takes is a cute little greeting card with a nice personal message and it will put a smile on their face. It could be an e-card you send them online, a card you bought at the store, or better yet, a greeting card you made yourself with your special personal addition. Whatever you do, do not miss the opportunity to make your friends happy on this special day!

February 7 is also Grenada's Independence Day 

World Wetlands Day - February 2nd

World Wetlands Day marks the day of the signing of the "Wet Habitats" Convention, the Ramsar Convention. On February 2, 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the Caspian coast, World Swamp Day was celebrated for the first time. Since then every year, government agencies, NGOs, and groups of citizens from all walks of life have been working to raise public awareness of the value of swamp lands and the benefits they provide to the environment.

International Swamp Day is an opportunity to remember the beautiful parts of nature, the swamps where ducks, geese, swans, frogs, water vultures, flamingos and all kinds of waterfowl and animals thrive in harmony.
We all know that many parts of our world are at risk of disappearing under bulldozers and turning into urban or industrialized areas. All this at the expense of the innocent creatures that inhabit them. The swamps need help, and if we want to continue to see seabirds and other creatures that live in the water in the next generation as well, we need to mobilize and act. International Swamp Day is the perfect opportunity to do.

February 2nd is also Groundhog Day

Inane Answering Message Day- January 30

The voicemail messages on the phone are usually dull and corny. How many times have you heard the message: "You have reached X's voicemail. Please leave your message and I will get back to you shortly"?
January 30th is the day to replace the message in your voicemail with something original, funny, creative or silly, something that will give your caller a good taste, a smile or laughter and a good feeling, because why bother those who call you for not answering? At least give him a reason to smile.

One of the funniest moments in the Seinfeld series was the episode where George Costanza recorded a silly voice message on his phone with these words:

Believe it or not, George isn’t at home.

Please leave a message at the beep.
I must be out, or I’d pick up the phone.
Where could I be?
Believe it or not, I’m not home!

January 30 is also Croissant Day

Belly Laugh Day- January 24

The day of Belly Laugh is a day of good and healthy laughter, strong laughter that comes from the stomach. On this day take everything in humor and just laugh at everything.
Did you know how good laughter is for health?

The action of laughter is a kind of light exercise for the body. The facial muscles are stretched, the pulse rate rises, the rate of respiration increases and a greater amount of oxygen enters the tissues.
Laughter lowers anxiety levels, improves the immune system and helps us maintain body strength and fight disease.
Laughter can distract us from problems that oppress us. Sometimes good comedies or a meeting with funny friends can get us out of unhealthy depression.
Laughter brings people together, breaks the ice and removes partitions. So laughter is good for communication between people.
Laughter relieves pain. Studies have found that people who suffer from chronic pain enjoy pain relief while laughing and pay less attention to it.
So if you want to laugh, watch comedies, funny shows on TV, meet funny people, watch funny pictures and videos online, or sign up for a laughter yoga workshop.

January 24 is also Peanut Butter Day

National Handwriting Day - January 23

Handwriting Day is a national day celebrated in the United States, marking the birthday of John Hancock, one of the founding fathers of the United States and the first to sign the American Declaration of Independence.

Photo: John Hancock's signature on the 1776 Declaration of Independence.
It's today to leave your computer and smartphone and write down everything you want by hand: notes, grocery list, letters, homework and everything you normally type.
It's time to remember what your manuscript looks like. Do not say that you are ashamed of your handwriting, because it says everything about who you are! Try to learn about yourself through your handwriting with the help of graphology.

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