Drinking Wine Day- February 18

February 18 is the National Wine Day.

The purpose of wine-drinking day is to spread the love and health that wine brings.

Wine plays an important role in history, religion, and relationships.

Wine is part of many religious ceremonies. In social events the wine is often used to break the ice and warm the atmosphere. The wine also symbolizes part of the blessing, and many times when a toast is raised, a toast is added to the toast.

Apart from its social benefits, wine is considered a healthy drink and cardiologists say drinking a glass of wine on a heart-healthy day.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced mostly from grapes, in an alcoholic fermentation process, when the sugar in the grapes becomes ethanol through yeast. Wine that is not made from grapes (like an alcoholic drink from passionflower, pomegranates or citrus) is called a brewery.

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Fun facts about wine:  

The country that drinks the most red wine is China, where residents bought in 155 million boxes in which 9 liters of red wine. The French however are in second place with 150 million boxes. Red wine is especially popular in China because the red color is considered a lucky color. The color and the fact that the red wine is considered healthy, encourages the Chinese to buy and drink more and more red wine. Portugal and Italy are in fourth place.

In the US, the largest wine consumers are in California, New York and Florida. The country that drinks the most wine relative to the population is the Vatican, where the consumption of wine is 74 liters per person per year, that is about 99 bottles.

Red wine contains many beneficial antioxidants such as polyphenol and resveratrol which have heart-protecting properties and prevent cancer. The grape skins are especially rich in antioxidants. Red wine contains more antioxidants than white wine because it is fermented with the grape bark. Studies show that white wine is not only less effective in preventing disease, but may even increase the risk of cancer, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

Wine improves sex life. When drinking wine regularly, it can increase libido. Italian research has shown that women who drink 2 cups of wine daily enjoy more sex than women who do not drink wine at all.

The names of the wines produced in Europe are named according to their geographical origin. For example, Bordeaux wine is produced in Bordeaux, France. The wines that are not from Europe almost always carry the name of the grape varieties - for example Cabernet Sauvignon from California.

The wine has existed in history for about 6,000 years. Ancient remains of wine were discovered in Iran from the beginning of the Neolithic period (8500-4000 BCE). The oldest evidence of cultivated vines was found in Georgia from 7,000 to 5000 BC It is believed that the fermentation of the wine was mistaken, and the yeast came in contact with the grapes stored in the containers and turned the sugars of the grapes into alcohol. And spread throughout the Mediterranean countries by the Greeks The Romans made wine popular throughout Europe and the Spaniards and other Europeans took the wine to the New World (America), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and the region) and South Africa.

oenophobia- wine phobia- fear of wine.

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