Eat ice cream for breakfast day - February 18


Eat ice cream for breakfast day

"Life is short, eat dessert first"

~ Jacques Torres

This phrase was coined by a French confectioner and his message is that life is short and unpredictable so you have to enjoy them first. Eat ice cream for breakfast day is a serious example of the use of this phrase. This day was created to raise awareness of cancer among children. For children for whom every day is a blessing, it only makes sense to indulge in the little pleasures of life, and a day of eating ice cream for breakfast brings this opportunity to everyone.

The history of Eat ice cream for breakfast day

Eat ice cream for breakfast day was created to commemorate the wonderful 9 years of the girl Malia Grace Patterson, who was born on February 18, 2001 in Minnesota, USA, and passed away after a long battle with cancer on December 7, 2010. Malia Grace has inspired many people, an example of life enthusiasm And from the good little things they offer. She learned and gained knowledge every day, went out as much as possible and with the help of her passion became every day an adventure in her short life. She lived her life with a smile and passed away in her sleep. In 9 years she touched countless people with energy, humor, laughter And hugs.

Breakfast Day for Breakfast was first celebrated by a group of close friends to commemorate her life and work, by eating ice cream for breakfast, and in the following years continued to spread this day and its meaning in honor of all children with cancer.

How to celebrate Eat ice cream for breakfast day?

Eat ice cream for breakfast day is recommended to be marked by eating ice cream as your first meal in the morning. To spread the message and give this day meaning, you need to upload a picture of yourself eating ice cream for breakfast to the social network you are active in, tell why you eat ice cream for breakfast and add the hashtag #icecreambreakfast.

If you are not interested in eating ice cream at your breakfast but do want to advance the cause of this day, you can donate to local hospitals and health centers that help parents and children fight the disease and always need donations.

You can also contact the pediatric oncology department at the hospital near you and find out what kind of volunteer help they need.

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