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World Wish Day - April 29

In 1978, five-year-old boy Chris Greicius was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia. Doctors said he had 3 more years to live and he told his mother he wanted to be a cop. In April 1980, officers in Phoenix, Arizona, heard about it and decided to make his dream come true. They had no charity or donations and they managed on their own to recruit a helicopter and take Chris to town to turn him into a cop. Young Chris was a police officer for one day on April 29, 1980. A few days later he was rushed to the hospital and died.
Other people who have heard about it thought that fulfilling wishes for sick children is a great idea. The Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded and has become one of the most well-known charities in the world. The foundation has since fulfilled dreams for more than 250,000 terminally ill children.

In the photo: the boy Chris Gracius, whose death led to the fulfillment of more than 250,000 wishes
Chris' story led to the creation of World Wish Day, the day the police fulfilled his dream. Today there are 48 countries in the world celebrating this day. On this day raise awareness of the importance of contributing to sick children and the fulfillment of their dreams.
If you want to celebrate this day, spread the message on social media, donate money to charity or if you know a sick child, refer him to the organization.

 April 29 is also Zipper Day and International Dance Day

Down Syndrome Day - March 21st

 World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), which falls on March 21, is a World Awareness Day that has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. The goal of Down Syndrome Day is to raise awareness that people with Down Syndrome can be integrated into society, to make their voices heard And fight for their rights.

The date 21 in the third month (March), was chosen to mark the uniqueness of the trisomy 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome.

Down syndrome is due to the fact that in the DNA of every cell in the body there are three copies of chromosome number 21, instead of only two. The syndrome was first described by John Langdon Down in 1866 and is therefore named after him.

Down syndrome sufferers usually have a unique appearance that includes slanted eyes, small ears, a flat face and a broad forehead, straight hair, a short neck and a lower-than-average height. They used to be called Mongols because of their resemblance to the Mongol people.

People with Down Syndrome may also suffer from low IQ, between 40 and 75 IQ, childishness and lack of independence and verbal impairment. They may also have heart defects. The syndrome cannot be cured, but the syndrome can be diagnosed already in pregnancy, using ultrasound tests: in Nuchal scan tests and systems review and in  amniotic fluid test.

In recent years, there has been progress in the treatment methods for children who have Down Syndrome and they are able to achieve achievements that allow some of them to integrate into society. Their life expectancy now stands at 60 years, unlike previous years (in the 1980s it was only 25). In order for them to be able to progress and recover, they need adapted medical care, a normative and enriching environment and intensive care from an early age.

Eat ice cream for breakfast day - February 18


Eat ice cream for breakfast day

"Life is short, eat dessert first"

~ Jacques Torres

This phrase was coined by a French confectioner and his message is that life is short and unpredictable so you have to enjoy them first. Eat ice cream for breakfast day is a serious example of the use of this phrase. This day was created to raise awareness of cancer among children. For children for whom every day is a blessing, it only makes sense to indulge in the little pleasures of life, and a day of eating ice cream for breakfast brings this opportunity to everyone.

The history of Eat ice cream for breakfast day

Eat ice cream for breakfast day was created to commemorate the wonderful 9 years of the girl Malia Grace Patterson, who was born on February 18, 2001 in Minnesota, USA, and passed away after a long battle with cancer on December 7, 2010. Malia Grace has inspired many people, an example of life enthusiasm And from the good little things they offer. She learned and gained knowledge every day, went out as much as possible and with the help of her passion became every day an adventure in her short life. She lived her life with a smile and passed away in her sleep. In 9 years she touched countless people with energy, humor, laughter And hugs.

Breakfast Day for Breakfast was first celebrated by a group of close friends to commemorate her life and work, by eating ice cream for breakfast, and in the following years continued to spread this day and its meaning in honor of all children with cancer.

How to celebrate Eat ice cream for breakfast day?

Eat ice cream for breakfast day is recommended to be marked by eating ice cream as your first meal in the morning. To spread the message and give this day meaning, you need to upload a picture of yourself eating ice cream for breakfast to the social network you are active in, tell why you eat ice cream for breakfast and add the hashtag #icecreambreakfast.

If you are not interested in eating ice cream at your breakfast but do want to advance the cause of this day, you can donate to local hospitals and health centers that help parents and children fight the disease and always need donations.

You can also contact the pediatric oncology department at the hospital near you and find out what kind of volunteer help they need.

Eat ice cream for breakfast Facebook page 

February 18 is also Pluto DayDrink Wine Day and Battery Day

Celebration of Life Day - January 22

Life Celebration Day is a day when we take a step back and look with appreciation at our children and grandchildren. It is true that there are those who do it on a daily basis, but this day is especially for that, an opportunity to look at our young children from a different angle, think about what is special about them, and pamper them with something like ice cream or a trip.

Although originally the Celebration of life day was meant to celebrate in honor of the children in our lives, it is also a day designed to emphasize all that is good about being alive. It's easy to forget sometimes, but we're all lucky to be here. Take the time to celebrate the good that far outweighs the bad in this life. It all starts with gratitude and appreciation for where you are right now, and wherever you hope your dreams will take you. Every life is precious, individual and a huge gift, so take some extra time today to celebrate them.

As parents or grandparents, it is easy for us to sometimes forget that our children are human in their own right. We often want to give them all the answers and guidelines for life, as if we have already tried everything for them, and they do not have to experiment on their own. Throughout life we help and guide them, but we will not be able to take from them the need to discover themselves for themselves. Sometimes they make us proud and sometimes they make stupid mistakes. Our job is to be there for them, to encourage and support them.
This day, the day of the celebration of life, is the day to stop and appreciate the people they are, and of course show it to them.

The history of Celebration of life day
The day of the celebration of life was created by the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan in January 1984 to convey a message against abortions.

This day was originally called "National Sanctity of Human Life Day". At the time, President Reagan wanted to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which is a precedent-setting ruling by the United States Supreme Court that any law prohibiting an abortion violates the United States Constitution over the violation of the right to privacy. , On the 11th anniversary of exactly this decision.
Groups that oppose abortion advocated this holiday and felt that it expressed their feelings about the importance of human life at all stages. This belief also resonated with the statement of Donald Trump who participated in a special parade in honor of this day on January 22, 2019. Organizations advocating for suffrage, such as Planned Parenthood, condemned the day as a way to restrict women’s rights to autonomy over their bodies. The history of National Sanctity of Human Life Day / Celebration of Life Day is turbulent. This day's celebration was suspended for eight years under President Bill Clinton. Donald Trump continued the holiday well into his entire presidency, and some churches have even marked it as a holy day in the calendars. The holiday traditionally falls on a Sunday for this religious reason, although in 2018 Donald Trump announced that he would also celebrate on a weekday. Today, many consider the day of celebration of life day to spend extra time with the nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren or even just children they are babysitting. All human life is precious, and today is the day to remind ourselves that we are all fortunate to be here and to lead the life we ​​live. Despite our individual and group challenges, one can always find good and gratitude to show - and what better day to find the positive than celebrating the day of life?

Hanukkah - The Jewish holiday

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. It is also known as the Festival of Lights.

Animated gifs for Hannukah

When will Hanukkah come out in the coming years?
2021 - The evening of the first candle - 24 Kislev - 28 November
2022 - The evening of the first candle - 24 Kislev - 18 December
2023 - The evening of the first candle - 24 Kislev - 7 December
2024 - The evening of the first candle - 24 Kislev - 25 December
2025 - The evening of the first candle - 24 Kislev - 14 December

These beautiful Menorahs for Hanukkah are made of flowers and candles and supposed to hold 8 nights of lighting candles for the holiday.


Universal Children's Day- 20th November

If there is something that you can't argue about, is that children are the future of this world.
The children of today are the scientists, politicians, doctors and teachers of tomorrow. Today's children will inherit everything that mankind has managed to achieve since the beginning of its existence, the results of good respected deeds, but also the cruelty of war and the terrible failures.
Today's children are the ones defending the weak billed the future, concern for the poor, treating the sick and the elderly, and much more.
Today's children, who enjoy some complacency and a lack of worries, are the adults that will take a lot of responsibility and hard decisions to make in the future.
So there is no doubt that our kids deserve their own special day, like the day designated by the United Nations - The International Children's Day.
Children's Day was first announced by the UN General Assembly in 1954. Originally, They were two objectives for this day: first, to encourage children of all races and religions to spend time together, get to know each other and appreciate their differences, and the second was to guide governments around the world to pay more attention to the welfare of their young citizens.
Besides the Children's Day declared by the UN, different countries celebrate their national Children's Day on different dates, such as Hong Kong and China celebrate it on April 4, Bolivia and Haiti celebrate on April 12, Norway on May 17 and more.
Since the announcement of the International Children's Day holiday, he has been linked to many important issues. This year's theme, in 2015, is the commitment to prevent AIDS (HIV) in children.
Another purpose of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is to gain access to proper education for every child in the world, education that promotes the values ​​of peace, respect and concern for the environment.
happy children's day
How to celebrate World Children's Day?
The first way to celebrate this day is to spend time together with your children. Fun include quality time together with lots of attention and talks about positive things in our world such as friendship, loyalty, helping others and more.
Spend the day at home with board games, or you can also go out to the zoo, for example. If you decide to go with them to a movie, you should talk about the movie content and then redirect it to learn something positive like, who was good and who is evil in the film? Who won and who lost? What is the lessom we can learn from this movie? Of course it is desirable to reduce the use of this quality time smartphone.

Happy children's day
Today's children are cute and sweet, and we enjoy pamper them and try to give them everything they want, but they grow and mature, and soon, before we knew it, they will be those that will take the reins into their own hands, do not forget it and think every day, not just today, about the world we pass into their hands.

November 20 is also Africa Industrialization Day

Free Multiplication Worksheets - Coloring pages

Coloring pages for children learning multiplication. Studying math can be fun with these cute worksheets. Practice multiplication by solving the problems in these worksheets and than color them with fun.Solve multiplication exercises and color by numbers, solve multipication exercises, connect the dots and color cute and fun worksheets. To print the page you would like to solve and color, click on it and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

educational coloring pages for kids- multiplication connect the dots
coloring pages - math facts multiplication math problems
coloring pages - multiplication
coloring pages - math facts multiplication
coloring pages for children- learning math facts multiplication
free coloring pages - multiplication math for kids
coloring pages - math facts multiplication
coloring pages - multiplication learning math
coloring by numbers- math learning multiplication
multiplication Solve the exercises and color by numbers
coloring pages learning multipication

Coloring and practicing pages- Tracing English letters

Coloring pages for children learning English letters. Tracing letters and reading words.
To print the page with the letter in English you would like to write and color, click on it and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

coloring pages - writing letters
 Write the letter B
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter A
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter C
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter D
Practice and color letter E- elephant and eggs
Write the letter E
Practice and color letter F- flower and frog
Write the letter F
Practice and color letter G- girl, glasses and guitar
Write the letter G
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter H
coloring pages learning letters
Write the letter I
Practice and color letter J- jaguar and jam
Write the letter J
coloring pages for kids tracing letters with animals
Write the letter K
coloring pages for kids learning letters with animals
Write the letter L
educational coloring pages for kids- letters
Write the letter M
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter N
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter O
Alphabet coloring pages
Write the letter P
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter Q
coloring pages for children- learning letters
Write the letter R
coloring pages for children- learning letters
Write the letter S
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter T
coloring pages - tracing letters
Write the letter U
coloring pages - tracing letters
Write the letter V
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter W
coloring pages - writing letters
Write the letter X
Practice and color letter Y- yoyo
Write the letter Y
tracing Practice and color letter Z- zebra and zoo
Write the letter Z

International Teacher's Day- October 5

World Teachers' Day is a day celebrated around the world since 1994 and its goal is to raise awareness of the importance of the role of teachers all over the world.
Teachers have great responsibility and play an important part in the education of future generations. Teaching is not an easy task and is very challenging so be sure to evaluation teachers, respect them and support them, not just on this day but throughout the year.

Teacher's Day is celebrated in 100 countries around the world, by various teachers' organizations.

Teachers animated gifs

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