My Way Day - February 17th

My Way Day is inspired by the phrase "My way or the highway". It is not clear who set this day and why, but the purpose of this day is to remind us to consider going our own way, according to our heart, beliefs and values, and less according to the main path dictated to us by others.

When someone says "my way or the highway",  he means that it cannot be challenged and things must be done his way. Basically using this phrase they say "take it or leave it". If everyone behaves like this the world will be a harder and crueler place to live in, because of the coercion that the powerful will rule. But you can also use the phrase in a thoughtful and assertive way, stand up for yourself and do things your way without forcing others and hurting them, because all in all this is your life and already tired of everyone dictating how to live and what to do all the time.

The song that accompanies this day is "I Did It My Way" by Frank Sinatra. The lyrics of the song tell of a man who at the end of his days he reviews his life, the ups and downs, the regrets and loves, but he did everything in his own way. This man sounds like a strong-willed, determined man, who has trusted himself, achieved many things and lived a full life thanks to the one who did things his way.

How to celebrate My Way day?

Today is the day to do everything your way. Do new and bold things, sleep as much as you want, eat what you want, watch as many series and movies as you want, start writing a novel, indulge in a favorite hobby, dress the way you want or dye your hair the color you want or in short - do what you love without regard In what others say, of course, as long as everything is legal.

February 17 is World Human Spirit Day

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