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World Freedom Day- November 9

In many parts of the world, freedom is something taken for granted - the freedom to choose a religious or secular way of life, the freedom to be in relationships with the person you love, the freedom to dress, to travel from one place to another ... and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there are many places in the world where these freedoms are not available to most people, who are forced to live empty, frustrating and inadequate lives because the authorities do not allow them to choose.
If you do not know the fear of expressing your opinion, you are considered lucky people who live in a place where freedom is a basic human right. Like every good thing, the existence of freedom must be celebrated and for this to mark the World Day of Freedom.  
The reason for choosing this day as World Freedom Day is to mark the event of the fall of the Berlin Wall on that date in 1989.
The Berlin Wall was a fortified wall that surrounded the western Berlin enclave between 1961-1989. The wall divided Berlin into two parts: East Berlin controlled by East Germany and Western Berlin under the control of West Germany, and the separation between West Berlin and East Germany.
The Berlin Wall in 1963, a view from the western side of East Berlin (Source: Roger Wollstadt - Flickr)

On August 13, 1961, the East Germans began building the wall, which almost completely severed the connection between East and West and dramatically affected the lives of Berliners on both sides. The wall was considered one of the main symbols of the Cold War for more than twenty-eight years. Its opponents sometimes called the wall "the wall of shame" (Schandmauer).
The wall became overnight a barrier that prevented East Berliners from exercising freedom of movement in their city, and those who tried to cross it found themselves at high risk of dying from the bullets of East German border guards. Over the years, the wall was fortified and reinforced by other means, to the extent that it became an almost insurmountable barrier, and as a result, escape attempts were rare in recent years.
The fall of the wall on November 9, 1989 was a formative event, symbolizing more than anything else the fall of the Communist regimes in those years and the end of the Cold War. Following its overthrow, Germany was reunified in 1990, and reunited Berlin became the capital of Germany.

November 9 is also Chaos Never Dies Day

Amnesty International Day - May 28

"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity."
~ Nelson Mandela
Human rights have been a hot topic in local and international politics since the 1960s. Whether people fought for the right to marry the person they choose or put an end to injustices like child labor, exploitation of the weak, torture of prisoners and more. Amnesty International is an organization that tries to make the world a better place. The organization works to promote human rights around the world and raise awareness of various injustices and how our choices affect other people on a daily basis.

The history of Amnesty International Day
Amnesty International was established in July 1961 in London. Peter Benenson, an English labor lawyer, was inspired to set up the organization after hearing about two Portuguese students imprisoned for seven years after "raising a glass in honor of freedom". Together with Eric Baker, a member of the Religious Society of Friends, and many other intellectuals, including academics, writers, and lawyers, they wrote an article called "The Forgotten Prisoners" that appeared in The Observer on May 28, 1961. This led to a rapidly growing appeal. To an organization that will work to change the world and show that everyone is entitled to a system of basic human rights.

The tireless efforts of this organization have since been central to exposing human rights and labor violations to change government policies regarding their protection. Their work was not always popular, and its members were accused of everything from espionage (Russia's 80s) and protection of the criminal element (Moroccan government).
How to Celebrate Amnesty International Day
The best way to celebrate Amnesty International Day is to help raise awareness among your friends and family about the struggles of the oppressed around the world. The place to start is to learn for yourself about the places in the world where human freedoms are at the highest risk. You can also contribute to the organization and even join it.

The logo of Amnesty International.
May 28 is also Hamburger Day

My Way Day - February 17th

My Way Day is inspired by the phrase "My way or the highway". It is not clear who set this day and why, but the purpose of this day is to remind us to consider going our own way, according to our heart, beliefs and values, and less according to the main path dictated to us by others.

When someone says "my way or the highway",  he means that it cannot be challenged and things must be done his way. Basically using this phrase they say "take it or leave it". If everyone behaves like this the world will be a harder and crueler place to live in, because of the coercion that the powerful will rule. But you can also use the phrase in a thoughtful and assertive way, stand up for yourself and do things your way without forcing others and hurting them, because all in all this is your life and already tired of everyone dictating how to live and what to do all the time.

The song that accompanies this day is "I Did It My Way" by Frank Sinatra. The lyrics of the song tell of a man who at the end of his days he reviews his life, the ups and downs, the regrets and loves, but he did everything in his own way. This man sounds like a strong-willed, determined man, who has trusted himself, achieved many things and lived a full life thanks to the one who did things his way.

How to celebrate My Way day?

Today is the day to do everything your way. Do new and bold things, sleep as much as you want, eat what you want, watch as many series and movies as you want, start writing a novel, indulge in a favorite hobby, dress the way you want or dye your hair the color you want or in short - do what you love without regard In what others say, of course, as long as everything is legal.

February 17 is World Human Spirit Day

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