Opera Day - February 8

The opera has attracted a large audience since the sixteenth century until today, with new fans being added to it every day.
The opera started in Italy and is a work of art that combines music with text, and is often a dramatic imitation of a story, a complete performance of a play with scenery and costumes.

The best day to celebrate your passion for opera is Opera Day which falls today. If you have not yet developed a passion for opera, Opera Day is the perfect day to start. The best way to celebrate Opera Day is to experience the opera for yourself.
On the Israeli Opera website you can find the opera performances that take place today or in the near future and order tickets to experience this special and powerful experience.
You can also watch operas on Youtube or listen to music channels that broadcast operas on the radio.
Classical operas that you can get excited about are for example Giocino Rossini's "The Book from Seville" (you must have heard the song "Figaro"), Bizet's "Carmen", Giacomo Puccini's "Madame Butterfly", "La Bohème" by Puccini, Vardi's "La Travita" and more.
If you have a good voice, you can try singing an opera yourself or sign up for opera singing classes.

Sydney Opera House at night, one of the most famous opera halls in the world
A picture from the modern opera musical "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Weber, from 1986

February 8 is also a Laugh and Get Rich day and also Hollywood Walk of Fame Day 

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