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Global Beatles Day - June 25

World Beatles Day is a love letter from around the world to the Beatles. The Beatles came into the world in the 60s of the last century with songs written by their friends Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon themselves, with messages of peace and love, truth and youth.

They brought with them new musical ideas and artistic styles that had not sounded like them until then.World Beatles Day (GBD) was founded in 2009, to honor and celebrate the phenomenon of the Beatles and their Ideals, collectively, and thank them for their gifts to the world, for promoting peace and love, for rhythm and blues, pop, rock and roll, world music and all the beauty That we gave to the world.
The Beatles paved the way for global change in the areas of personal expression, fashion, creativity and art. They had the most impact on world society than anyone else of their time.
The reason for choosing June 25 as a world holiday in honor of the Beatles is that the song "All You Need Is Love," written by John Lennon, aired on the first live broadcast on world television, on the BBC network, on June 25, 1967, To 26 countries around the world.
World Beatles Day is not meant to be a consumer holiday, nor is it a "fandom" day. This day is meant to spread the messages of the band naturally, messages of peace and love, the legacy left by the band.

Here are some of the messages the band left in their songs:
money can't buy me love
I don't care too much for money For money can't buy me love

Remember to let her into your heart 
And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make 
 I get by with a little help from my friends
beatles song
All you need is love

In my life I love you more

Music Day - June 21

Music Day (in French: Fête de la Musique) is an annual music festival held on June 21, the first day of summer (and also the longest day of the year), in many cities around the world.
The idea of a musical celebration throughout the day on a day when the season alternates from spring to summer, was originally by American musician Joel Cohen, who spent two seasons as a producer of musical programs on national French radio. His idea was implemented and officially made a national holiday by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang. More countries liked the idea and the festival later became a holiday in 110 countries around the world.

It is hard to imagine a culture where music does not play a vital role. The benefits of music to the human soul are intangible, but they are enormous. Music opens up new worlds for people. It can be used to tell stories, to inspire, or to help people relax. On Music Day people all over the world gather together to celebrate the incredible power of music.

The perfect way to celebrate this day is to make music, alone or with friends. You do not have to be a musician, because anyone can make music. If you have kids, they love something as simple as knocking on pots and pans and singing. If you do not know how to play, you can meet for a karaoke evening with friends. Even if you do not have any musical talent, you can spend the day listening to your favorite songs. The great thing about music is that it's for everyone.

June 21st is also Selfie Day, Yoga day and Giraffe Day

Tap Dance Day - May 25

Tap dance is a dance style in which the feet are locked in special shoes for dancing on the floor, in different rhythms. The shoes hitting the floor make knocking noises that add to the rhythm of the music. Sometimes the dance is not accompanied by music and what is heard is just the tapping of the shoes.
Tap dance has two main styles: Rhythm and Broadway. The Broadway style is most often seen in musicals because it focuses on dance and physical aesthetics. The rhythm style focuses on musicality and rhythms and is considered part of the jazz world.

International Tap dance Day was proclaimed by US President George W. Bush in 1989. He chose May 25 because it was the birthday of tap-father Bill Bojangles Robinson, who united whites and blacks in tap dancing in America in the early 20th century.
You can see tap dancing in many movies, including: "Tap", "Singin' in the Rain", "White Nights", "Move Your Feet", "The Cotton Club", "American in Paris" "Bootmen".
Among the most successful tap dancers today: Brenda Bufalino,  Dianne "Lady Di" Walker, Savion Glover, Sam Weber, Jason Samuels Smith, Sarah Reich, Melinda Sullivan, Maurice Hines, Michelle Dorrance, Chloe Arnold, Jason Janas, Heather Cornell, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards.

The tap shoe consists of two metal parts located in the heel of the shoe and in the toe area that produce tapping sounds.
A bride and groom in a tap dance at their wedding ceremony (Source)
In the next video (speakers required) you will see an amazing tap dance performance by a 6 year old boy named Luke Spring, who is dancing alongside a famous and popular dancer named Justin M. Lewis. The two demonstrate rhythm, speed and energy and produce the dance sounds with their own feet. Both perform across the United States and are enthusiastically swept away by a large audience.

May 25 is also Towel Day

International Jazz Day - April 30th

Jazz Day encourages jazz fans all over the world to attend or initiate festivals, events and jazz parties.
If you like jazz, take your trumpet, saxophone, piano or clarinet and start playing. If you do not play, you will probably find an event that has jazz music nearby.
International Jazz Day is an annual event that takes place every year on April 30th. The event was set up by UNESCO to celebrate "the virtues of jazz as an educational tool and a force for peace, unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation between people."

Jazz day

The day was announced during the UNESCO General Conference in November 2011. The first annual International Jazz Day was celebrated in Paris by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and UNESCO Ambassador of Goodwill Herbie Hancock.
April 30 is also Bugs Bunny Day

Radio Day - February 13

Once when we wanted to hear news or music, we would settle for the humble radio that would update us on what was happening in the world once an hour.
When we wanted to hear a song we like, without buying the whole record, we would record it from the radio (and no one said it was illegal). We would sit with our finger on the record button, and as soon as the song started we would quickly press it and wait with our finger on the pause button. How annoying were the announcers who had to speak in the background of the beginning of the song or enter at the end ...

UNESCO announced in 2011 a radio day to be held on February 13 every year, to celebrate the importance of radio in our lives. The proposal to hold this day was raised by Spain. Every second and can also download and listen to unlimited songs, but there are still places in the world for which radio is a technological miracle. There are entire populations in the world that do not have access to modern information technologies. Poor villages in Africa gather around the only radio around every night Children in remote agricultural communities in Australia attend school through radio.
Radio animated gifs
Radio is a major tool in our lives. In Israel, there are about 20 radio stations that broadcast various content such as different types of music, current affairs programs, counseling and more, stations for different populations such as immigrants from Russia, religious, Arabs and more. You can also hear through the internet many radio stations from around the world.

By the way, if you thought you did not need a home radio and that this device has already passed from the world, know that in an emergency, such as a war or a major earthquake, you need to equip a radio transistor with batteries, in case the electricity and internet do not work. That's why you should have a radio at home for any trouble that may come.
So what's your favorite radio station? What do you hear when you travel or at home?

February 13 is also Tortellini Day and Madly In Love With Me Day

Opera Day - February 8

The opera has attracted a large audience since the sixteenth century until today, with new fans being added to it every day.
The opera started in Italy and is a work of art that combines music with text, and is often a dramatic imitation of a story, a complete performance of a play with scenery and costumes.

The best day to celebrate your passion for opera is Opera Day which falls today. If you have not yet developed a passion for opera, Opera Day is the perfect day to start. The best way to celebrate Opera Day is to experience the opera for yourself.
On the Israeli Opera website you can find the opera performances that take place today or in the near future and order tickets to experience this special and powerful experience.
You can also watch operas on Youtube or listen to music channels that broadcast operas on the radio.
Classical operas that you can get excited about are for example Giocino Rossini's "The Book from Seville" (you must have heard the song "Figaro"), Bizet's "Carmen", Giacomo Puccini's "Madame Butterfly", "La Bohème" by Puccini, Vardi's "La Travita" and more.
If you have a good voice, you can try singing an opera yourself or sign up for opera singing classes.

Sydney Opera House at night, one of the most famous opera halls in the world
A picture from the modern opera musical "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Weber, from 1986

February 8 is also a Laugh and Get Rich day and also Hollywood Walk of Fame Day 

One Direction coloring pages

Free printable coloring pages of One Direction. 1D is an English-Irish pop boy band formed in London, England in 2010. The group are composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson; former member Zayn Malik departed from the group in March 2015. Choose the coloring page of One Direction you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

One Direction coloring pageOne Direction coloring pageOne Direction coloring page
One Direction coloring pageOne Direction coloring pageOne Direction black and white drawing
One Direction black and white drawingHarry Styles coloring pageHarry Styles coloring page

cute One Direction coloring pageOne Direction coloring pageOne Direction drawing coloring page
One Direction coloring pageHarry Styles coloring pageLouis Tomlinson coloring page
Niall Horan coloring pageOne Direction coloring pageLiam Payne coloring page
Harry Styles coloring pageHarry Styles black & white drawingZayn Malik drawing
Zayn Malik coloring pageOne Direction coloring pageLouis Tomlinson coloring page
One Direction coloring pageZayn Malik coloring page cartoonLouis Tomlinson drawing
Louis Tomlinson coloring pageNiall Horan coloring pageOne Direction coloring page
Louis Tomlinson black and white drawingLouis Tomlinson coloring pageOne Direction coloring page
One Direction coloring pageHaarry Styles coloring paegLiam Payne coloring page
Niall Horan coloring pageZayn Malik drawingLouis Tomlinson coloring page
Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis TomlinsonNiall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis TomlinsonZayn Malik coloring page
Zayn Malik coloring pageZayn Malik coloring pageNiall Horan coloring page

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