Pokemon Day - February 27

On February 27, 1996, Pokemon - the video game of the Japanese company Nintendo - went live.
Pokemon are pocket monsters that first appeared in green and red. The green Pokemon came out only in Japan, and the red one came out outside Japan as well. It was designed by Satoshi Tajiri, a Japanese computer game designer who grew up in Tokyo and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.
At first there were 150 Pokemon and "Mew", number 151 which was unknown or achievable. Today, in 2020, there are 890 Pokemon divided into eight generations.

Pokemon are creatures of different sizes with different traits and abilities. Many of them are based on living creatures like dinosaur, mouse, fish, bird and more, and some are on plants like coconut tree, stills like mug, teapot, keychain and more.
Pokemon are divided into eighteen types according to their traits and fighting abilities: In the first generation the types were presented: normal, fire, wind, water, earth, grass, poison, dragon, electricity, compression, ice, rock, supersensible, insect, flying and metal. The second generation also featured the dark and the sixth generation the fairy (which was already introduced in the first generation but without meaning).

Pokemon have spectacular and natural fighting abilities with each type of different ability such as: blowing fire, shooting water, generating electricity, freezing, telekinesis and more.
Anyone who plays Pokemon is called a Pokemon Trainer. The trainer gets the Pokemon among the Pokemon where he captures them by Pokémon. After the Pokemon are in the hands of the trainer, he trains them and strengthens them so that they can fight the Pokemon of other Pokemon trainers. To train fight in institutes, places where coaches fight against opponents' Pokemon.
Following the game's great popularity, a TV anime series was released in 1997 that followed a 10-year-old boy named Ash Katcham from the city of Palt on his adventures on his way to fulfilling his life dream of becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time.
In 2016 came out the game Pokemon Go, an augmented reality video game designed for smartphones, where players would search for the Pokemon in the actual space where they are, capture them and train them in real places where the battles took place in augmented reality.

How to celebrate Pokemon Day?
Today is your day to become Pokemon trainers. If you do not have the game on your smartphone, download the app (for free) and start capturing Pokemon everywhere you go. If you are already a Pokemon trainer, you can participate in the Pokemon Day celebrations that start today and last until March 2 at 21:00 according to Pacific Time (PST).
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