Strawberry Day - 27 February

Strawberry Day was created to celebrate the little red juicy  fruit, favorite for many people all over the world. 
The strawberries came to the world in year 1700, when a French farmer accidentally made a cross between two varieties of strawberry plants from the family, from the United States and the second one from Chile, and got that sweet and tasty fruit. 
Mulberry fruit is actually not only a false fruit, because it not only develops ovarian fertilized flower like real fruit, but is more complex flower organs, in this case the condensation and swelling of tissue substrates (the border between the petals and the base and inflorescence the ovary). 
It contains lots of real fruit (called 'nut' singular) are tiny black dots visible on the strawberry. Strawberries can be frozen in the freezer, without leaves. If you want a strawberry smoothie, you can use pre-freezing strawberries. For other uses frozen strawberries is not so appropriate because they creates freeze ice rags that make them during the thaw. 
To celebrate the strawberry day, you can simply enjoy it- strawberry smoothie drink, strawberry ice cream, strawberries with whipped cream / cream or just strawberry, eat it alone or with friends.

Animated gifs of strawberries


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