Tooth Fairy Day - February 28th

Tooth Fairy Day is celebrated in honor of the favorite fairy of millions of children around the world, the one who gives them a gift in exchange for thier tooth that has fallen and they have placed it under a pillow. The tooth fairy was invented by the adults to give the children a good feeling when their deciduous teeth fall out. The tooth fairy exists mainly in Western countries, such as North America and Western Europe. 
The tooth fairy is an imaginary folkloristic figure who according to legend gives children money or gifts if they put the baby teeth that have fallen under their pillow at night.

This figure is an example of the folkloristic figures that exist in the modern world, and which many adults, though they do not believe at all in its existence, tell about it to their children.

In many Spanish-speaking countries there is a similar character known as the "Ratoncito PĂ©rez" - "the mouse Perez" (mouse with a surname). In Francophone countries (such as France, Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg) the character is called "La petite souris" (or "little mouse") - "La petite souris".

What does the tooth fairy look like?
Unlike Santa Claus, there are some details about the appearance of the tooth fairy which remain consistent in different versions of the myth. A 1984 study by Rosemary Wells found that most, 74% of respondents believed that she is a female, while 12% believed that she is not male or female, and 8% believed that tooth fairy could be male or female. When asked about her findings regarding the appearance of the tooth fairy, Wells explained - "there is the basic fairy of Tinkerbell with the wings, the wand, a little older and what not". A review of children's books and popular publications found the tooth fairy is also described as a child with wings, pixie, dragon, blue mother figure, flying ballerina, two little elders, dentist, flying man with a cigar smoking belly, bat, bear and more.

How to celebrate Tooth Fairy Day? 
There is controversy as to whether this day falls in late February or August, but whatever, if you are unsure, children can be left with a gift under the pillow in honor of Tooth Fairy Day twice a year, even if they have not lost a tooth. You can tell them that the tooth fairy just came to say hi in honor of her special day :) .

February 28 is also Chocolate Souffle Day and Rare Illness Day

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