Compliments Day- March 1

Wow! you look great! You've lost weight a little bit, right? This hairstyle really flattering  you! You did a great job! Compliment day is most favorable in the world today. You can not argue about the degree of positive impact for the person receiving compliments on them (and on the one that provided it). 
Compliments make people feel good. They can make their all day from casual sad and dull, bright and happy day. And when people feel good about themselves, they pass it on. Think how you feel when you get compliments. Sometimes without being aware of it, you feel really good.
Compliments Day started in the Netherlands by Hans Poortvliet in 2001, the day is now celebrated in many European countries including Norway and Belgium. 
Compliments must be true, otherwise it gets the compliment feel fake and it will go through. 
When you get a compliment say with all your heart: "Thank you!". No need to cancel the compliment and argue with giving the compliment that it does not deserve you. 
Just accept the compliments and enjoy them. This is not a shame to be good. If we do it right, Compliment day is certainly a day that gives positive energy in this crazy world. Go for it. Give a compliment to people you never compliment them before. Give compliments to people on the street, people that give you service. Send waves of positive energy. Did I tell you that you're great?

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