International Wig Day - March 10

 International Wig Day is a day celebrated once a year on March 10th. This special day is designed on the one hand to bring some fun into our lives with the costume game that can be done in our appearance by wearing different wigs, and at the same time also create awareness of hair loss problems caused by diseases and chemotherapy treatments.

The wig is part of a costume. Through the wig we can change our appearance. We can become as glamorous as a movie star, funny as a clown or just enjoy a hair look different than usual, more lush and more interesting, even perfect.

The wig is a hair-like cover placed on the head. The wigs are made of natural human hair or synthetic hair.

International Wig Day has been celebrated since 2016. A party accessory store called in Denmark has created this awareness day to support the fight against cancer and create awareness of the hair loss problems caused as a result and also to remind the world of the pleasure of wearing a wig on the head.

In order to create quality wigs, natural hair is needed, which is why many women and girls come to the rescue and donate their hair, which is cut in hairdressers and moved to wig factories to create wigs for cancer patients.

Hair loss is caused not only as a result of cancer but also from other diseases like alopecia areata, an inflammatory disease of the hair follicle that causes hair loss to the scalp.

The foreign wigs are also used by women in the Jewish ultra-Orthodox community, many of whom fulfill the obligation to cover their heads by wearing the wig.

For judges and lawyers in courts in many countries like England, USA and Australia curly white wig is a necessary part of the traditional outfit.

Wigs are also part of the appearance of drag queens who want to present a look of lush and stunning female hair.

There are also women who prefer to wear foreign wigs that look like natural hair to enjoy the look of lush hair, especially in cases where they suffer from thinning or damaged hair.

How to celebrate International Wig Day?

The best way to celebrate International Wig Day is to wear a wig. Get a wig, wear it and enjoy a different look. In honor of this special day, you can choose a wig with a different hair color, a different length than what you have, a different hairstyle. It's like dressing up and it's fun. Raise awareness among people around you about the stigmas caused as a result of hair loss. If you have long hair, you can go to a hairdresser to cut it and donate it to wigs. You can even join to support children and families suffering from cancer and stigmas. Share your photos with a wig on social media using the hashtag #WigDay.

international wig day

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