National Pack Your Lunch Day - March 10

National Pack Your Lunch Day is a day founded in the United States where everyone takes to work or school or wherever they go, a lunch box where they have prepared their own lunch.
A lunch box is a way to pack the food you have prepared yourself and take it with you wherever you want. A good box keeps food fresh and clean. If you take your lunch to work or school in a box, you will not have to buy food outside and thus you will also save money, and you will also eat healthier and cleaner food.
Lunch boxes first appeared around the 1880s, when people took food from home for work. The boxes were made of metal and not particularly decorative.
A few years later, the children wanted to emulate their fathers and began to take to school also lunch boxes that were made of empty tin boxes that were used to store tobacco or cookies, and decorated them themselves.

The first time they started selling lunch boxes was in 1902. These were boxes reminiscent of a metal picnic basket.
Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to appear on a lunch box in a 1935 film.
In the 1950s, lunch boxes began to gain momentum along with popular TV shows, with manufacturers realizing that once the box featured popular characters like Aladdin, the lone rider, and child western star Hopalong Cassidy, the boxes were snatched as enthusiastically as rolls.
In the 1960s cheap vinyl lunch boxes appeared, but the metal still dominated the lunch box market until the 1980s, when it took over the cheap and lightweight plastic sector.
Today the lunch boxes are made of materials like plastic, metal or fabric, they usually contain a few compartments or small boxes so that the food does not mix and you can also take sauces and liquid foods and antique lunch boxes (vintage) are a sought-after collectible item.

Lunch Bag

March 10 is also International Wig Day and Mario Day

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