Name Tag Day - Thursday of the first full week in March

We live in a world that has over seven billion people, which means we are constantly surrounded by people. Despite this, many of us feel alone, do not belong and are even transparent in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The name tag day is meant to help us get rid of this situation and visually declare to the world around us "Look at me!".
People who participate in the name tag day wear a tag with their name on this day wherever they go: to work, shopping, errands, places of entertainment and more. Tags can be simple, but there are people who can express their creativity and make an original and interesting tag that will attract attention. The ultimate goal is the same; Connect with other people passing by us and what better way to present ourselves to the vast world around us than through a name tag?

The history of Name Tag Day
The name tags day began several years ago, in 1997, when an onomatology enthusiast (a field that deals with the study of personal nouns and their origin) named Jerry Hill decided that names simply do not get as much recognition as they deserve, despite the vital role they play in our lives every day. .
The truth is that Hill loves names so much, that he invented not only Name Tag Day but an entire week called "Celebrate Your Name Week", dedicated to celebrating the names our parents gave us, whether they were beautiful, special or unconventional , To find out more about their origin. The days that are celebrated these days are in the first full week of March (Monday-Sunday):
Monday - Name Fun Facts Day
Tuesday- Unique Names Day
Wednesday - Learn What Your Name Means Day
Thursday - Name Tag Day
Friday -  Middle Name Pride Day
Saturday -Genealogy Day
Sunday - Namesake Day

Calling someone by their name evokes an almost immediate sense of greater closeness. Calling a person by his first name is also much more personal because as Freud noted, a name is an integral part of the person.
This is why the world would be a much friendlier and much more open place if we all knew each other, and chances are we would all feel much more confident and confident in others.
How to celebrate Name Tag Day?
On the day of the name tag not only are you welcome to wear a tag with your name, but it is also advisable that you encourage others to do so. Join people from your workplace or studies for this fun initiative and get to know new people.
Another thing you can do is do research on the history of your name. What is the origin of your name, how has it evolved over the years and what famous historical figures carry it as well. In any case, Name Tag Day is a day that is sure to change the way you see yourself and other people if you celebrate it properly.


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