Pecan Day - March 25

Pecan Day is a special day founded in the United States, commemorating March 25, 1775, the day then-US President George Washington planted a pecan seedling he received from Thomas Jefferson at Mount Vernon.

Pecans are a nut that grows on a deciduous fruit tree, originating in Northeastern North America - from the states of Iowa, Indiana, Texas and Mississippi.
The pecan tree can also be found in Israel, in the fields and courtyards of houses.
Pecans are sometimes called "the nut of America" ​​and in the US pecans are a traditional dish.
Like its other nut companions, pecans are very healthy and rich in nutritional values. It is slightly richer in fat than other nuts, but it has protein, thiamine, vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

How to celebrate Pecan Day?
You can pick pecans and eat straight from the tree - crush, peel and eat. You can add peeled pecans to a salad, pasta sauce, ice cream. You can eat pecan cake.
There are lots of things you can add the delicious pecans to. Happy Pecan Day!
March 25 is also Waffle Day

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