Single Parent's Day- March 21

Single Parents' Day falls on March 21 in the United States to empower, respect and cherish the single mothers and fathers who raise children alone and to appreciate the hard work, dedication and sacrifice involved in single parenting. When a parent is single, all responsibility is placed on him or her without sharing the burden with anyone else. Whether it is by choice or out of necessity, single parents carry a heavy burden on their shoulders. They need to maneuver between work, school, medical care and household management without sharing roles with anyone else.

A single parent is defined as a man or woman who is raising one or more children alone. Single parenting is usually the result of changes in the two-parent model: separation, divorce, widowhood, and a being single.

Many single parents have family support. Many are assisted by grandparents, siblings and other extended family members. Fortunately, today there are also support groups for single parents on social media where you can get advice and help.

Single parents sometimes have relief and help from the state.

happy single parent's day

The history of Single Parents' Day

In 1984, Janice Muglan of the United States wrote a position paper in which she expressed the wish that just as Mother's Day and Father's Day should be recognized, the single parent's day should be recognized. The single parent day was announced by President Ronald Reagan on March 21, 1984.

How to celebrate single parents' day?

Although single parents' day is a day declared in the US and celebrated there, we all actually know a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker who is a single parent. Today is the day to support and appreciate them. Make this day a special day for single parents you know. Use the hashtag #NationalSingleParentDay to post on social media to express and support them.

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