World Theatre Day - March 27

World Cinema Day is celebrated every year on March 27th. This day was founded by the International Theater Institute. The goal of this day is to bring cinema everywhere: under trees in tiny villages, on high-tech stages in the global metropolis; In school halls and temples; In slums, urban squares, community centers and urban basements. Everyone needs movies and movies. On this day everyone gathers to weep and remember; To laugh and ponder; Learn and imagine. To regulate our collective breathing in our capacity for beauty and compassion and rage. On this day we celebrate the richness of our different cultures, and blur the boundaries that separate us.

This is the message conveyed by Brett Bailey, from the World Cinema Institute, in honor of World Cinema Day in 2014:
Cinema is important. If we stop going to the movies and download free movies online illegally, the movies will disappear, there will be no point in making more movies. And along with cinema, movies from the world will also disappear .... think about it.

March 27 is also Whiskey Day

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