Purple day for awareness of epilepsy - March 26

Purple Day is an event designed to raise awareness of epilepsy. This day has been going on since 2008, and to mark it people wear a purple item in their clothes, or a purple ribbon.
The creator of this day is Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia in Canada who suffers from epilepsy. Her idea was to get people to talk about the disease, dispel myths about the disease and raise awareness about it in general, and also to make people with epilepsy understand that they are not alone.

In 2009, the Anita Kaufmann Foundation in New York and the Epilepsy Association in Nova Scotia joined forces to launch International Purple Day. The combined efforts have led to the involvement of many organizations, schools, businesses, politicians and celebrities around the world. The Purple Day, held on March 26, 2009, was attended by more than 100,000 students, 95 jobs and 116 politicians.
These two organizations (The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia, Anita Kaufmann Foundation) are the global sponsors of Purple Day and are committed to partnering with individuals and organizations around the world to promote awareness of epilepsy.
Epilepsy disease is a group of long-term neurological disorders characterized by epileptic seizures. These seizures are events that range from short and almost indistinguishable events to long periods of strong tremors. Seizures that appear in epilepsy have no immediate cause. Seizures that occur for some reason are not considered epileptic. (Source: Wikipedia)

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