East meets West - April 25th

East Meets West Day is celebrated annually on April 25 in the United States. This day, also known as "Elbe Day" marks the event that happened on that date in 1945, when Soviet and American forces met on the Elbe River, near Torgau, in northwestern Saxony, Germany, marking an important step towards The end of World War II in Europe.
The Soviets advanced from the East and the Americans from the West, causing the two powers to effectively cut Germany in two.
The next day, April 26, 1945, the commanders of the 69th Infantry Brigade of the First Army (USA) and the 58th Rifle Guards of the Fifth Army Guards (Soviet Union) met in Turgau, southwest of Berlin. Make arrangements and shake hands. In May 1945, Germany surrendered.

Memorial Plaque Torgau

Castle Hartenfels Torgau

 April 25 is also DNA day and World Malaria Day

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