Brothers Day - May 24

Brother, did you know that today is Brothers Day?
Brothers Day is meant to celebrate the strong bond that exists between brothers. Relationships between siblings is one of the strongest relationships between people. Brothers grow up together in the same house, with the same family, share secrets with each other, play together, quarrel with each other, compete with each other, envy each other and cheer for each other. It should be noted that May 24 is Brothers' Day, the sisters are not included.

Famous brothers
The first famous brothers in history are Cain and Abel who appeared at the beginning of the book of Genesis. This is a story about jealousy and murder, the first murder in history to be exact. It ends badly but it has an important morality of mind: every person is responsible for his actions and has the choice whether to act good or bad.

There are brothers who got along better and even achieved good results, such as the Wright brothers who built the first planes that managed to fly, or the Grimm brothers who wrote wonderful fairy tales.
The bond between the brothers is so strong and occupies such a significant part in the lives of many people, that it has served as an inspiration for hundreds of books, films, paintings, poetry and plays.
Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis are brothers. Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb were members of the BJ band. The five Jacksons were all brothers.
No doubt sometimes the siblings do not get equally the fame or love they deserve, and sometimes it turns out that they feel deprived, but after all, Brotherhood Day is the day to show your brother that you care about him.

How to celebrate Brothers Day?
The simplest - make contact with the brother or brothers and initiate a joint pastime.
Go have a drink at a pub, or a movie, go visit him or just send a message over the phone with a cute GIF file.
If you have not seen your brother for a long time, today is to renew the relationship. You may have missed a lot of things!

Brothers play on the tablet under the blanket  Copyright: subbotina / 123RF Stock Photo

May 24 is also Tiara Day

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