International Turtle Day - May 23

International Turtle Day, which falls on May 23, is designed to raise awareness of the world of turtles, and how to help protect them and let them live, reproduce and thrive.
This day was announced by the American Tortoise Rescue.

Fun facts about the turtle:
The tortoise is an endangered protected animal and should therefore not be adopted and raised at home or in the yard.
The lifespan of a turtle is very long and can reach several hundred years.

The body parts of the turtle do not age.
Man used to use the tortoise's armor as a raw material for the production of jewelry, combs, fans and resonator instruments in ancient musical instruments, such as the pound.
Turtles are reptiles that evolved during the Mesozoic era, the period when dinosaurs ruled the world, from 245 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

Turtle soup is a soup or stew made from turtle meat. The dish exists in certain cultures and is perceived as a luxury or a delicacy. In Singapore and the United States (19th century) it was customary to eat turtle soup made from the green turtle. East Asian cuisines like Chinese cuisine still use soft turtles to make turtle soup.

How to celebrate World Turtle Day? 
Learn about the turtle from books or movies, tell people about the turtles and the danger of extinction they are in and what to do to protect them. Tell people that a tortoise is a protected animal that should not be captured and certainly not eaten.

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