Rons Gone Wrong coloring pages

Ron's Gone Wrong is a film by 20th Century Studios (Fox) and the animated studios Locksmith that tells the story of Barney, a middle school student who does not get along socially with his peers. In addition, Barney's family is struggling financially to live. When another kid at school gets a B-bot, a highly intelligent robot toy that plays endless games and videos, Barney feels even more out of place. His father finally manages to buy him a robot that is supposed to be his best friend out of the box and Barney quickly discovers that there is something unique about him. The robot's name is Ron and soon all sorts of funny mishaps start happening to him which is why he and Barney go on a journey full of action and learn about the wonderful complexity of true friendship.
Here are coloring pages of the main characters from the movie. To print the coloring page click on it and then open it in a new window. It can be saved on a computer or printed immediately by ctrl + p.
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥

Ron's Gone Wrong coloring page
Barney and Ron
rons gone wrong coloring pages
  Savannah Meades
Ron's Gone Wrong coloring pages
Rich Belcher
Rons Gone Wrong coloring pages

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