Go Barefoot Day – June 1

June 1 is the day to shed off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass.

No matter where you are, at work, on a picnic, anywhere, just kick off the footgear. It's time to clean the closet and give away with shoes that you don't need. 

More importantly, it's a custom this day to donate a pair of shoes to charity, for the unfortunate who can't afford to buy a pair of their own. 

The organization behind this special day is Soles4Souls, a nonprofit global social enterprise that initiated the Go Barefoot Day in the wake of the Tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004. More than a million and a half people were left unsheltered, deprived of all their belongings, homes, clothes and shoes, everything. 

The Go Barefoot Day was proclaimed in 2005. 

Since then, donations of shoes keep flowing in, and so far over 26 million pairs of shoes have been handed out to the needy all over the globe.

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