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Chocolate Mousse Day - April 3

Chocolate mousse is one of the most delicious and indulgent desserts available that can sweeten the day. Prepare it by whipping eggs or cream with chocolate, until it becomes as airy and creamy as whipped cream, or in a heavier texture of cream.
The chocolate mousse was invented in France in the 1800s. The origins of this delicacy are unknown, but it is known to have been a popular dish in France in those years. The first record of his appearance is from an exhibition in New York City at Madison Square Garden in 1892.

There are many recipes for a chocolate mousse, and they all offer different combinations of flavors and toppings, all in order to produce the perfect taste and texture of the mousse. The first condition in creating the perfect chocolate mousse is to use the best chocolate available to you. The mousse can be made from milk chocolate, dark chocolate and also in a vegan version where neither eggs nor milk are used.
Julia Child is known for creating the perfect chocolate mousse, which includes dark brewed coffee, butter, dark chocolate, eggs, dark rum and vanilla extract.
In honor of Chocolate Mousse Day, let your creativity flourish and make a delicious and pampering chocolate mousse. If you do not have the strength or the right ingredients, what fun it is to buy a chocolate mousse even as a delicacy in the food chains and not even expensive at all. No matter which way you choose to celebrate Chocolate Mousse Day, the main thing is that sometime today you will pamper yourself with this amazing and addictive dessert.

April 3 is also World Party Day and Ladybug Day

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