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Earth Day - April 22

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year and aims to raise awareness for the protection of the Earth's environment, and the ability of every person to influence through day - to - day conduct that is environmentally conscious, our destiny and the fate of future generations; And show that efficient resource consumption affects the entire ecosystem and the environment.
This special day was set in a 2009 UN petition.

In honor of Earth Day, get some interesting facts about the planet we live on and how we can preserve it:
In terms of size, 1.3 million stars enter the Sun like Earth.
If you drilled a straight tunnel through two parallel points on the earth and jumped from it, it would take you about 42 minutes to get from one side to the other.
The United Kingdom is the legal owner of one-sixth of the earth's land area.
It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to move from the sun to the earth.
There are more living creatures in a teaspoon of earth than people on earth.
One third of the earth's surface area is desert in part or in full.
Before trees were common, huge mushrooms covered the earth.
Our galaxy has at least 2 billion stars like Earth.
There are about 7500,000,000,000,000,000,000 sand grains on Earth.
The core of the earth is as hot as the sun.

Lightning strikes the earth 100 times per second, that is, 8.6 times a day.
Since the time of Pythagoras in 500 BC, no educated person has believed that the earth is flat.
Every second, the sun sends 10 times more neutrino particles to Earth than the number of people on Earth.
The Earth is the only place in the solar system where water can appear in its three states of accumulation: solid, liquid and gas (vapor).
The planet has lost 40% of its wildlife in the last 40 years, according to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).
The deepest known point on Earth is equal in depth to 24.5 of the Empire State Building.
Earth is the only place in the solar system where a full solar eclipse can happen.
The Soviets drilled the deepest hole in the world on earth for 14 years: the depth of the hole is 12,262 meters (40,230 feet).

Earth Day coloring pages
Animated gifs of Earth
Water makes up only 0.07% of the Earth by mass, or 0.4% of the Earth by volume.
Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not named after a Greco-Roman god.
Water makes up only 0.07% of the Earth by mass, or 0.4% of the Earth by volume.
Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not named after a Greco-Roman god.

How to be environmentally friendly and save the planet?
Water saving - turn off the water tap when brushing teeth or soaping dishes.
Use half the amount of water in the toilet flush tank.
Take a shower for no more than 10 minutes.
Collect reusable water, such as rainwater or shower water.
Transfer plastic bottles for recycling.
Transfer paper and cardboard to recycle.
Return to stores small plastic burials, glass bottles and cans for a deposit.
Transfer to battery recycling.
Transfer electrical and electronic products for recycling.
Return medicines to a pharmacy or health fund.
Ideas for recycling
Electricity saving-
Turn off the light when leaving the room.
Turn off the air conditioning or heating when leaving the room.
Fill the washing machine or dishwasher to the brim before operating.
When buying a new large appliance (like a refrigerator or air conditioner), check how energy efficient it is.
Use economical bulbs.
Hang clothes to dry after washing instead of using a tumble dryer.
Saving bags-
Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags.

World Eart day animated gif

World Soil Day - December 5

World Earth Day celebrated on December 5 is a day dedicated to the earth's soil which is one of man's most important resources. Earth, as the World Soil Day website points out, is "where food begins." All of our fruits and vegetables grow in the soil or on top of shrubs or trees that come out of the soil, the food for the animals we grow grows in the soil. Even the natural fibers we produce for clothing are made from plants that grow in the soil or from animals that eat plants that grow in the soil.

Along with water and sun, the soil is one of the most important components in agriculture.
Still, some of the things people do cause the soil rich in valuable minerals to shrink and lose its quality.
When we throw in the trash materials that contain toxic chemicals, like nylon and plastic, they are buried in waste sites and absorbed into the soil where we grow our food. The toxic ingredients are swept away in rains and floods and spread to large areas, and also seep into the water we drink, let the animals drink, use for washing and watering plants.

An example of damage to land can be seen in the case of Love Canal, a neighborhood near Niagara Falls in New York. The neighborhood was established near the Love Canal Canal, and in the 1940s, with government approval, water was diverted to it from a chemical plant that operated at Niagara Falls that contained toxic chemicals. The chemicals were absorbed into the soil and drinking water and caused a massive environmental pollution disaster that harmed the health of hundreds of neighborhood residents. Many of them had leukemia, asthma and kidney disease, and suffered from miscarriages, births of babies with malformations and more.
To maintain our precious soil, we need to reduce the use of plastic and plastics and stop consuming disposable utensils (just as Greta Thunberg says). The many purchases we make also contribute to soil pollution, as the increased consumption causes the industry to continue to pollute the environment with chemicals and the products of the industry are the waste that is thrown away and buried in the soil.

 December 5th is also Ninja Day and Repeal Day

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