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International Firefighters' Day - May 4th

Firefighters are the people who protect us and fight for us in one of nature's most powerful elements - fire.
To be a firefighter means to be a person who risks his life for the sake of people he does not know, for the sake of animals, for the sake of forests, houses and the whole environment in which we live.
To be a firefighter one must first be very brave, because firefighters climb to heights, enter burning places, fly in firefighting helicopters in extremely dangerous conditions and sometimes do not sleep nights and whole days.

International Firefighters' Day

The history of firefighters' day
The first professionals whose job was to fight fires lived in ancient Egypt. At the time, firefighters worked for private companies and provided their services only to those who could afford them.
Later, in ancient Rome, Emperor Augustus turned the fire brigade into a trained force and received equipment and a salary from the country. These people were called firemen, they were part of the Vigiles force, the Roman force composed of the firefighters and policemen of ancient Rome.
Firefighters Day was created in 1999, after the deaths of 5 firefighters tragically during a huge fire in Australia where the wind direction suddenly changed and surrounded them with flames. This day is celebrated on May 4 because it is also St. Florian's Day among Christians, named after St. Florian who was one of the firefighters in the first battalion in ancient Rome who saved the lives of many people, and is considered a saint and patron of firefighters.

How to Celebrate Firefighters' Day
It's today to say thank you to all the firefighters who are saving so many lives.
Even on ordinary days, we seem to have forgotten to thank the wonderful and brave people, who do sacred work even though we do not feel.
People who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others. People for whom the good of others comes before their personal good.
Not only when firefighters are called firefighters, but also when trapped under the rubble of buildings, when falling into pits, in road accidents when trapped in vehicles and in other unpleasant cases.

So because your contribution is so prominent, with whole days spent putting out fires, it's time to say thank you!

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