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Mauritius Independence Day - March 12

On March 12, Mauritius, an island nation in the southwestern Indian Ocean belonging to African countries, celebrates its independence from Britain in 1968.
Mauritius flag
Here are some interesting fun facts about Mauritius:

Mauritius is home to about 1.2 million people and its capital city is Port Louis, home to about 150,000 residents.

Mauritius is a country with a democratic regime and its official language is English. Other languages ​​spoken by the residents: French and Creole.

Mauritius today is a stable and prosperous country in terms of tourism.

The national animal: legendary extinct Dodo.

The area of ​​Mauritius is 2,040 square kilometers, and it has a coastline about 150 km long, all of which are stunning white sandy beaches.

Mauritius has picturesque towns and villages, ancient military ruins and spectacular waterfalls.

The island of Mauritius is a volcanic island. It was formed by volcanic activity more than 8 million years ago.

The highest mountain on the island is the "peak of the Little Black River", the piton de la petite riviere noire, and is 828 meters high.

Mauritius is the most densely populated country on the African continent and also one of the most prosperous and rich countries on the continent.

Things to do in Mauritius 
Visit the Caudan Waterfront, the main shopping and entertainment center in Port Louis (link).
Visit the Post Museum, where you can see the famous "Blue Mauritius" stamp, which is the first stamp printed in Mauritius in 1847. The stamp shows Queen Victoria on a blue background.
Visit the "Seven Coloured Earths" in the village of Chamarel, a place where there are sand dunes in seven different colors: red, brown, purple, green, blue and yellow. It is an attraction that attracts many tourists, located in the Chamarel Plain, River Noir district, southwest of Mauritius.
Visit the La Moran Peninsula southwest of Mauritius and watch the breathtaking scenery. Climb the basalt cliff Le Morne Brabant. The cliff rises to a height of 556 meters. Between the 17th and early 19th centuries there were escaped slaves found on the island and on a hiding cliff on the caves in the secluded and inaccessible mountain.
Go to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden: Explore the tropical gardens, see the giant water lilies and pet the giant turtles.

Swim with dolphins in Tamarin Bay.
Visit the fishing village of Cap Malheureux in the north of the island.
Visit Hindu temples: Hinduism is the main religion on the island with almost half of the population of Mauritius belonging to this religion.
And sleep in a stunning turquoise seafront hotel (Link)

March 12 is also Plant a Flower Day

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