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Notebook Day - The third Thursday in May

Notebook Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday in May. Notebook Day is meant to celebrate the existence of notebooks and talk about their importance. The notebooks are a wonderful tool for studying, preserving memories, planning, organizing schedules, writing lists, brainstorming, writing agendas and more. There is hardly a person in the world who has not used a notebook at some point in his life.

Today we live in the digital age, where we use everything for the laptop, the smartphone that has become smarter than us, the iPad and all the other devices that accompany us everywhere. But research shows that handwriting, drawing, and hand-drawing are far more beneficial to our cognitive functioning than the use of digital devices. Besides, the use of screens for too long is not healthy for the eyes.
There are lots of types of notebooks. There are lots of types of notebooks. There are notebooks with a metal spiral cover and there are pin notebooks. There are notebooks with paper covers and there is plastic, fabric or hard cardboard. There are simple notebooks and there are amazing designed notebooks. There are notebooks the size of A4 paper and there are small notebooks in size A5. The content of the pages inside the notebooks is also different - there are smooth notebooks, with rules and squares. And of course there are also recycled paper notebooks for the environment.

The use of notebooks is also very diverse. There are study notebooks, lab notebooks, music papers, land surveyors notebooks, police notebooks and more.
The notebook day was created by May Design in 2016 to share our love for paper notebooks and celebrate the power that a small, simple notebook can bring to everyday life.
A notebook can also be a healing tool. It serves as a liberating tool when writing down our fears, writing down the good things in our lives that we are thankful for, and it can also help us fall asleep at night, if writing down the disturbing thoughts that keep us from falling asleep!

How to celebrate Notebook Day?

On notebook day take a notebook, open it and start jotting down all the ideas, thoughts, plans, feelings, fears and anxieties of the past day for you. If you have done this before, this is a great time to open the notebook on previous pages and see what has changed in your life.

Today is a good day to open a new page in a notebook. A blank page on which you will write down everything related to the new day that has begun in your life. Post photos and share what you have to say on social media with the hashtag #NationalNotebookDay or #NotebookDay.

Happy Notebook day!

happy notebook day

When does the notebook day fall in the following years?

2021-20 May, Thursday

2022- May 19, Thursday

2023- May 18, Thursday

2024- May 16, Thursday

2025- May 15, Thursday
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