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International Pillow Fight Day - First Saturday in April

The International Pillow Fight day takes place one day a year, on the first Saturday in April, in the United States and across Europe, in places that are announced on social media.
To know exactly when and where there are pillow war battlefields, here is a list of places where the war takes place: Facebook

Image source: Instagram
The World Pillow Fight day was created by the Urban Playground Movement with the aim of returning public space to the public enjoyment and overthrowing the paradigm that entertainment is dominated by branded companies that provide sponsorships. The movement also organizes parties at U.S. subway stations.
Dozens of cities around the world are taking part in the pillow fight: London (Trafalgar Square), Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya), Bilbao in Spain, Central Glyn in the Netherlands, Oulu in Finland, Vienna in Austria, New York (Washington Square) and more. So if you get there that day, do not forget to bring a pillow. And if not, you can also organize your spontaneous pillow fight in the town square where you live or in another public place.

Unfortunately in 2020 the pillow war did not take place because of the corona pandemic, but we hope that in April 2021 it will be able to take place again.
When will the pillow fights take place in the coming years?

2021- Saturday, April 3rd
2022- Saturday, April 2nd
2023- Saturday, April 1st
2024- Saturday, April 6th
2025- Saturday, April 5th
2026- Saturday, April 4th
2027- Saturday, April 3rd
2028- Saturday, April 1st
2029- Saturday, April 7th
Pillow Fight in London, 2018 (Source)
Pillow Fight in Stuttgart, Germany 2018 (Source)

The first Saturday in April is also Love Our Children Day

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