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Jack Fruit Day - July 4th

The jack fruit is a species of tree from the mulberry family, which grows in tropical lowlands in South and Southeast Asia.
Jackfruit fruit is an excellent substitute for meat, both because of the taste and because it contains a large amount of protein and is rich in nutritional values such as vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C, lutein, vitamins from the B vitamin group and dietary fiber. Jackfruit also contains lycopene about 70 times that of tomatoes and beta carotene 10 times that of carrots.

The roots of the Jack Prut tree are also attributed many medicinal properties such as asthma treatment, diarrhea and more.
Jack Fruit Day was created by to raise awareness for the existence of this fruit, which is a superfood - both because of its nutritional values and because of the help it provides to the planet by being able to replace meat.

Jack fruit is considered the national fruit of Bangladesh. The fruits of the Jack Fruit are huge and the weight of a single fruit can reach 35 kg and even more. The Jack fruit tree likes a hot and humid climate and is very tough - it can produce 250 fruits! Each fruit has up to 500 seeds so if You have fresh fruit jack fruit, you have real treasure in hand.

The fruit of the jackfruit is peeled
The fruit of the jackfruit is pruned on the tree
The reason that July 4 is Jack Fruit Day is that this date is also US Independence Day, a day when many Americans tend to have a barbecue and as a correction this is also a meat-free day and Jack fruit is a great substitute for meat! Vegetable burgers, patties, chunks of stir-fry in a tortilla or bun, etc. It is suitable for both savory and sweet recipes.

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