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Cellophane Tape Day - May 27

How would we manage without the cellophane tap? It is hard to imagine what we would do without it, how would we stick covers of gifts, books, etc.?
May 27 is the day of the cellophane paper.

It was invented by Richard Garley Drew (June 22, 1899 - December 14, 1980).
Drew began working for 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1920, which was a small company manufacturing products for industry, including sandpaper.
One day, while testing their new sandpaper, WetorDry, Drew realized that their popular automatic painting machines had difficulty distinguishing between two colors. So he started working hard in 3M labs and invented the first masking-tape strip, which was 5 cm wide and glued with light glue using pressure.

In the first masking tape the glue was smeared on the edges, but not in the middle. During the product's first trial year, the glue fell off the automatic dyeing machine and Drew growled in response to his assistant: "Take this paper back to your stingy bosses and tell them to put more glue on it!". When he said "stingy" he used the word "Scotch" which in slang meant "thrifty". And so in 1930 he invented an improved adhesive tape called "Scotch".

In 1925 Drew invented the world's first transparent cellophane adhesive (called cellophane tape in the UK and other countries in the world and velcro in the United States). Following the economic crisis and the collapse of Wall Street in 1929, people began to use the thing paper to fix things instead of throwing them away and so the 3M company was able to grow out of the Great Depression and invent another variety of products.
Cellophane Tape

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May 27 is also Sun Screen Day

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