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Easter is a Christian holiday that marks the resurrection of Jesus, according to the Christian faith, on the third day after he was crucified and buried in Jerusalem. Easter is celebrated in all Christian churches, but on different dates. It is always celebrated Sunday of the week and always near the beginning of spring.

Holy Week, the last week of the 40 days of fasting, begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Sunday, which is Easter Day and the day Jesus is resurrected. In most European countries, unlike the United States, it is customary to extend Easter and celebrate for two days - Sunday and Monday of the week.
Easter is the holiest holiday in the Christian calendar (though a few tiny fringe streams, like the Quakers, do not indicate it). The holiday is recognized as a formal holiday in most Christian traditions, and apart from ceremonies in honor of Jesus' resurrection, ceremonies and games are celebrated in the spring.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter greeting cards
Easter coloring pages
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When is Easter in the next years?
2021- April 4
2022- April 17
2023- April 9
2024- March 31
2025- April 20
2026- April 5
2027- March 28
2028- April 16
2029- April 1
2030- April 21
2031- April 13

Easter Coloring pages

Choose the coloring page of Easter day you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. Have fun!

Coloring pages of Easter bunny and eggs to print for free
Easter bunny and eggs
Happy Easter birds Coloring Pages
Happy Easter 
Ester bunnies and basket with eggs coloring page
Easter bunnies and basket
Easter eggs and spring flowers printable coloring page
Easter eggs and spring flowers
Easter egg with chick Drawing to Color
Easter egg with chick
Easter bunny and eggs coloring page
Easter bunny and eggs
Easter printable coloring page- Basket with Easter eggs
Easter Basket
Happy easter Coloring Pages
Happy easter 
Bunny in broken egg Happy Easter Coloring Page
Happy Easter
Easter bunny and eggs in the basket Coloring Pages
Easter bunny and eggs
Happy Easter eggs coloring page
Happy Easter eggs 
Happy Easter bunny and egg coloring page
Happy Easter bunny
Happy easter bunny coloring page
Happy easter bunny
Easter bunny hiding coloring page
Easter bunny 
Easter bunny and eggs coloring page
Happy easter printable Coloring Pages
coloring pages for kids Winnie the pooh

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