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Beauticians' Day - June 26

We all need a little help to improve the look of our facial skin or body, and Beauticians Day was created to celebrate in honor of all the beauticians who help us get rid of facial skin imperfections or hide them to bring out the best in our natural beauty.
If the cosmetics did not exist, we would go with spots, hairs and sores on the face and we would look ... not as beautiful as we should be!

The world of cosmetics is an evolving world that constantly has innovations and inventions designed to improve our appearance more efficiently and quickly.

The cosmetics industry includes a wide range of treatments such as: hair care using shampoo, conditioner, masks and more. Dyeing the scalp hair, cleansing the skin and peeling the skin, caring for the hands (manicure) and feet (pedicure), moisturizing treatments and various materials for the skin such as collagen and elastin, face makeup, permanent makeup, epilation, laser hair removal etc. and more.
How to celebrate Cosmetics Day?
Beauticians' Day is a great time to check in with your beautician to refresh your look. You can go alone or make an appointment with a friend and have a fun day that includes a visit to the beautician from which you will come out new, fresher and more beautiful.

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