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Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day- November 7

Today is the holiday of dessert that is finally healthy - dark chocolate with almonds.
Evidence of a bitter chocolate recipe with almonds has been found in 18th-century cookbooks.
The inventor of this holiday is the National Confections Association, and sites around the internet such as, encourage this day to use dark chocolate with almonds for cooking and enriching various dishes and of course to upload the impressive works to social networks.
Bitter chocolate usually has no milk, and has a high amount of different flavonoids, and eating a small amount of bitter chocolate every day helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Almonds have fatty acids that have many health benefits, which help maintain good health. That is why dark chocolate with almonds is both a delicious and nutritious dessert, which contributes to health and long life.

How to celebrate Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day?
You can make dark chocolate with almonds yourself: Melt dark chocolate and mix it with almonds, pour into a mold and wait for it to cool. You can make dishes that contain dark chocolate with almonds and upload the photo to Instagram and Facebook, eat a dark chocolate bar with almonds, or almonds coated in dark chocolate - a perfect and healthy candy! (Just not too much) ...

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