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Static Electricity Day- January 9

It happens suddenly, in a second and it is unpleasant. Suddenly a painful little snatch is snatched away. Static electricity is an experience that we have all come out to experience from time to time in life. This happens when the air is dry and you touch someone, or something made of rubber or plastic, or metal handles, or when you wear something made of wool. It can also cause hair to "stand up".

Static electricity is a physical phenomenon created by an imbalance between the positive and negative charges in a material. As a result, a voltage difference is created between the charged material and other materials, which decomposes in the form of an electric spark.
On dry days static electricity is generated more often because the conductivity of the dry air is small and thus a greater amount of charges may accumulate.
Static Electricity Day was created to raise awareness of this phenomenon and get people learning about it.

In order not to snatch a stream of static electricity, care should be taken to put moisturizer, and wear clothes made of natural fibers (not wool!). Another method to avoid the electric shock is to hold keys or a metal pen in your hands so that the electricity is released in the conductive metal and not in your body. On cold winter days there is a tendency for static electricity to accumulate in rooms where an air conditioner is running on heating. Use a steam diffuser that will increase the humidity in the room and prevent the static electricity from harming you.

Static electricity in the hair (Image source: Screenshot)

January 9 is also Apricot Day

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