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World Ego Awareness Day - May 11

World Ego Day is a day that aims to increase awareness of the ego issue and its impact on everything we do, focus attention and bring a broader understanding of the issue. World Ego Awareness Day is basically dedicated to those who suffer from it on a clinical level, because the ego is a healthy part of the mind when it exists properly, but not when it is overdeveloped.

The Ego Awareness Movement was established in 2018, as a support network for people struggling with ego-related mental states that can cause great suffering, such as anger, prejudice, inferiority complexes, feelings of superiority, addictions, stress-related violence, racism, sexism and more.

We are usually angry and dislike people with excessive egos, accusing them of selfishness and moving away from them, but extreme egotism is a mental disorder whose sufferers are not to blame for suffering from it.

An overly selfish mind is an unhealthy mind and it creates problems in relationships and empathy towards others. Those who struggle with the ego are more likely to feel loneliness and despair.

The causes of the development of the disorder are unknown, but the hypotheses are that they are a combination of neurobiological, genetic, psychological and environmental factors. The reasons for the development of the ego can stem from severe emotional abuse in childhood, from negative parenting experiences or childhood exposure to parental violence and learning antisocial behaviors from parents or friends.

How to attend World Ego Awareness Day?

We all know someone who we would say has an overly inflated ego, and although we all have a very good idea of ​​what an “ego” is, we seem to lack the understanding of how harmful this phenomenon can be. Global Ego Awareness Day is our opportunity to take time for self-observation and explore our egos and our experiences with those around us to understand how much of our ego takes up space in our lives and how much it causes us to get into conflicts with others.

You can publish on this day articles and information on the subject, which can help others. Egoism is a trait that can cause us to hurt those around us by trying to control our unbalanced ego, as well as trying to manage our reactions to displaying other people's egos. While not everyone suffers from egoism, it is likely to appear on one level or another in everyone.

World Ego Awareness Day

May 11 is also Eat What You Want Day

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