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Hanging Out Day - April 19th

Laundry Hanging Day is a day designed to encourage people to hang their laundry outside, on a rope, instead of drying it in a dryer machine.
This day was initiated by a group from New Hampshire in the USA, called the "Laundry Project" (link) and its goal is to explain to people how much energy can be saved when drying clothes on a clothesline and not using a dryer.

According to the project's website, if you do not use a dryer machine, you save 6-10 percent of energy consumption per home.
The benefit of drying laundry in the fresh air is not only the saving of money, it also has a health benefit. Clothes that have dried in the fresh air are more ventilated and contain less bacteria than clothes that have been dried in the dryer.
The laundry day was officially initiated by the group in 1995.

 April 19 is also Garlic Day

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