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Crowdfunding Day - March 14

The Crowdfunding Day is a special day of the year that falls on March 14th. Crowd funding is a way to raise money through donations from many people, with everyone donating as much as they can and wanting, even a small amount. Every year different organizations and people raise funds for different reasons. In recent years, crowdfunding has become a very popular way to raise money through the internet. Crowd funding is very beneficial for people who want to fulfill their dreams, raise funds for political purposes, for people who need financial help or to fund expensive medical care and more.

When it comes to fulfilling dreams, such as setting up an ambitious venture or small business, fundraisers offer a gift for the donation that is often related to the product they want to sell in the future.

If you ever wanted to publish a book you wrote, record a song, produce a show or set up a food track, you probably know the crowd funding, and the campaign of fundraising from the public.

Crowd funding also helps to publicize your goal in public, because by raising funds, you are spreading your gospel, especially on social media.

The history of Crowdfunding day

Crowd Funding Day has been celebrated since 2017. It is not known who created this day, but the concept of mass funding has a long history of hundreds of years, even before the Internet age.

The concept of modern crowdfunding was documented by the French philosopher and sociologist Auguste Comte. On March 14, 1850, he published the book "Première Circulaire Annuelle adressée par l'auteur du Système de Philosophie Positive", in which he introduced the world to the sociological theory of positivism. For this reason it was probably decided that Crowd Funding Day would be celebrated every year on March 14th. Positivism refers to the connection between the dependence of theory and observation, relying on the scientific method to ensure authentic knowledge. While this abstract concept was founded in part by Comte, Comte used this ideology to help fund his research as a philosopher, and eventually created the first forms of crowd funding. Thanks to the first success in mass funding, the philosopher published his work on this day in 1850.

An online crowd-funding project first appeared on the internet in 1997. The British rock band Marillion funded their tour through an internet campaign of their fans.

The United States-based ArtistShare website is the first to run crowd-funded music campaigns.

From then on the crowdfunding industry continued to grow in other areas, mainly online. Mass funding has gained a lot of momentum and almost every organization or person who wants to fulfill their aspirations uses some online platform to raise funds all over the world.

How to celebrate Crowdfunding Day?

Celebrating a crowdfunding day is pretty simple. You can start your crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to fulfill a goal you have. If you do not have such a goal at the moment, you can go in and wander the crowd funding sites and find a campaign that you like and you want it to succeed and contribute to it. Another help you can offer is sharing the campaign on social media. You can encourage people to make their dreams come true by crowdfunding on social media with the hashtag #CrowdfundingDay.

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