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Margarita Day- February 22

Today is Margarita Day, an alcoholic beverage that is basically a family of tequila-based cocktails, shaken in a shaker or mixed in a blender with ice.
The classic Margarita cocktail, officially recognized by the International Bartenders Association, consists of 35 ml of tequila, 15 ml of lime juice and 20 ml of Cointrea liqueur.
Margarita has a special cup named after her, in which the cocktail is served with her lip coated in a salt crown.

The margarita is said to have come from the name Margaret, and one of the hypotheses is that it was invented especially for the Sigfield dancer Marjorie King ("Margaret"), who used to cross the border from California to Mexico during the dry season in the USA in the 1930s, to drink it. Carlos " Danny Herrera is the one who created the recipe for the margarita Brancho La Gloria in Tijuana.
Another claim is that it was invented in Galveston, Texas by Santos Cruz for his favorite patron, singer Patti Lee.
There are two types of margarita:
Frozen margarita served as hail and consisting of natural fruit centers, tequila and orange liqueur, and smoked margarita that also includes 15 ml of scales and a crown of salt made from smoked salt.

A glass of margarita (Link)

February 22 is also Be Humble Day

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