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Fragrance Day - March 21

Fragrance Day is a holiday designed to remind us how much the pleasant scent adds positive sensations to life.

Smell is a term that contains within it all the types of smells that are perceived by our sense of smell, and it also includes the unpleasant smells called "stink". The term “fragrance” on the other hand is used to describe a pleasant scent, and March 21st is today to celebrate the fragrances that add pleasant sensations to our lives. The fragrances can come from perfumes, flowers, delicious food and lots of other things. Fragrance is a subjective concept and everyone has their favorite fragrances, and as the famous saying goes - "There's no accounting for taste", that is, there is no quarrel whether smell is good or not, because everyone has their own opinion and there is no right or wrong. There are those who like certain scents because they make them think of something they like or feel positive about. This is why some people like the smell of candles after lying down or the smell of a wet dog, the smell of fuel or the smell of fresh paint. 

Fragrance has always played an important role throughout history. The Book of Exodus in the Bible describes the anointing oil - a sacred perfume consisting of liquid myrrh, fragrant cinnamon, bow and cane perfume.

The first documented chemist in the world to make a perfume was a  woman named Tapputi, who was mentioned on a stone tablet from 1,200 BC in Mesopotamia.

In the past bathing was not a matter of routine, so people would walk around with unpleasant body odors. To keep away the unpleasant odors perfumes were used. Doctors would argue at this time that perfumes keep diseases away from humans.

In the 18th century the kings of France were the most ardent consumers of perfumes. There are stories about Queen Marie Antoinette that it was impossible to get close to the rooms in which she stayed without holding her breath because of the heavy scents of her perfumes.

Over the years the bathing custom has become common and the use of perfumes has become less massive. At some point, about 150 years ago, men stopped using them at all, except for shaving water and deodorants.

At the beginning of the 20th century, chemistry developed to such an extent that almost any desired odor could be artificially created, mimicking the smells of natural substances and even inventing new odors by creating unique compounds.

How to celebrate International Fragrance Day?

There are lots of scents that can be considered pleasant aromas - the smell of the sea, flowers, perfume, chocolate, the smell of money, the smell of book pages, the smell of a new car, the smell of pine wood, incense, mint, the smell of after rain, fried onions, smell Of smoke and more. There are billions of scents in the world. What is your favorite scent? Try to add your favorite scent to your day to enhance it. Go to the place where your favorite scent exists and inhale it with deep aspirations. The mind knows how to connect the smell with the good memories and improve the mood.

Whatever you do, remember that your nose knows best and that you will have a wonderfully fragrant day!

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