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Coloring pages of angels

The angels symbolize the acts of kindness around the world. Every act of kindness, big or small, is never wasted. Everyone can do an act of kindness to the world that will bring good energies and cause the good to unfold and move on. On August 22, National Angel Day encourages good deeds and kindness to others. By supporting those in need and inspiring others to do kindness, we present an act of an angel here on earth.
The American writer Jane Howard Feldman also felt the presence of angels. After all, her website claims that angels inspired her to create this day. She started this day in 1993 to encourage people to perform small acts of kindness, and over the years, the popularity of this day has grown by leaps and bounds.
On this page you will find coloring pages of angels that will inspire you to act like them and be good to others. We hope you enjoy coloring these pages and this will be our small act of kindness for you :)
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥

coloring page of mother angel holding a baby
Angel and baby
angel girl coloring book heart
Angel girl
cute little girl angel with wings standing
Cute girl angel
angle girl with wings
cute angel
angel woman with wings
angel woman
beautiful woman angel wings Disney style
angel girl
angel coloring book
angel boy cute anime style coloring page
angel boy
boy angel
boy angel
angel boy holding a puppy dog
angel with puppy
cute angel girl holding a puppy dog
cute angel girl with dog
ancient greek angel coloring page

Greek mythology coloring pages

Greek mythology gods coloring pages in anime style. Greek mythology is the collection of myths created in ancient Greece. These myths have been around for a long time. They tell, among other things, about gods in human form, their plots and the plots of mortal heroes or demigods and monsters of various kinds. In Greek culture there were a large number of gods, according to their roles and according to their location. In different cities there were local gods, with different names, who played different roles. On this page you will find coloring pages of great and prominent gods from Greek mythology. If you like anime style and also the stories of Greek mythology, you will surely enjoy coloring these coloring pages. Enjoy!
PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥

The Greek god Zeus is the creator of lightning
king of the gods on Mount Olympus- Zeus
God of the seas, water, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and horses.
Demeter Goddess of the harvest, fertility, agriculture, nature and the seasons
Hera Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage, women, childbirth and family
Athena Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare.
God of light, prophecy, philosophy, archery, truth, inspiration, poetry, music, arts, manly beauty, medicine, healing, and plague
coloring page of Apollo
Artemis Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, virginity, the Moon, archery, childbirth, protection and plague
Greek mythology goddes Artemis
Ares God of war, violence, bloodshed and manly virtues
Aphrodite Goddess of love, pleasure, passion, procreation, fertility, beauty and desire
Hestia Goddess of the hearth, fire and of the right ordering of domesticity and the family
Goddes Greek mythology Hestia
Dionysus God of wine, the grapevine, fertility, festivity, ecstasy, madness and resurrection
Greek mythology coloring pages Dionysus
Hades god of the dead and the king of the underworld
Medusa one of the three Gorgons female with living venomous snakes in place of hair
Greek mythology meduza coloring page
Medusa snakes instead of hair coloring page
Calliope the Muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry

Unicorns coloring pages - Page 2

One of the most magical and beloved mythological creatures, for children and adults alike, is the unicorn. The unicorn symbolizes purity and magic and appears in many stories and legends. A unicorn is a horse or goat with a horn on its forehead that has magical and noble qualities.
The unicorn is part of the mythology of ancient Europe. It is speculated that when people from Britain and France visited Africa and saw rhinos for the first time, they recounted the unicorns they saw. According to Eastern beliefs, the rhinoceros' horn has all kinds of virtues, such as the enhancement of male potency, hence the story of the unicorn and its unicorn.
According to legend, the unicorns can only be seen among virgins and are the only ones who can approach it.
In Vietnam and Laos in Southeast Asia there is a true unicorn: the soula is a unique and extremely rare mammal, a type of cattle that lives in forests and is called the "Asian unicorn". The soula's other name is Vu Quang ox and is in serious danger of extinction.
The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. They adopted it as their national animal in the 14th century, because they believed that the unicorn was the enemy of the lion and could defeat it, and the lion was a symbol of England.
The unicorn has appeared in several films such as director Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, in which the unicorn appears in the protagonist's dream and hints to him that he is Android.
In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series, the unicorn appears as an innocent animal whose blood is given to those who drink its blood, but its life is cursed. The unicorns are described in the Harry Potter books as whites more than snow, suspicious and with mercury-like blood. They stay away from humans but build a little easier to get close to, especially if they offer them sugar cubes.
The movie "Legend" starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara revolves around the unicorn creatures. A unicorn also appears in Clive Staples Lewis' Narnia books and in the movie Stardust and the The Secret of Moonacre.
Unicorn Day was created to celebrate in honor of these magical creatures and to remember how much fun it is to sometimes believe in magic.
Unicorns coloring pages- page 1                                          

cute girl unicorn coloring page
cute unicorn on a cloud coloring book
cute unicorn and candies coloring page
adorable sweet unicorn coloring for kids
unicorn running drawing black and white
Unicorn girl with dress js eri kmchgv
sph mchgv js eri khksho unicorn hubheuri
cute dreaming unicorn lovely and adorable to color
unicorn with shirt cute coloring page
Unicorn girl coloring page
Unicorn mandala on a cloud coloring page
sweet unicorn coloring book
Unicorn on a hamburger coloring page
sweet beautiful unicorn coloring page
pizza unicorn
sweet unicorn coloring page on a cloud with rainbow
unicorn rainbow stars coloring page
unicorn and stars on a cloud
beautiful magnificent unicorn on a cloud
unicorn on a cloud coloring book
unicorn candies and stars
unicorn horse coloring page
sweet cute unicorn
female unicorn with t-shirt
cute unicorn with heart sweet coloring page
funny unicorn coloring page sweet
unicorn with colorful hair to paint
sph mchgv hubheuri khksho
sph mchgv js eri khksho
coloring book of unicorns

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