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Old Maids Day- June 4

Old Maids Day is a joyous occasion for single women around the world who meet and celebrate for one reason- that they are cheerful and happy. 
Older single women have a carefree lifestyle and full of independence. They do not have a husband on their head, and children who bring with them a million concerns and have their own free time, money and vitality.   

The annual celebration unites the individual men and women around the world, some of the most advanced cities, social events of dance and entertainment. The tradition of this day began in the 30s of the last century and continues to this day, despite the big dance celebrations are less common nowadays. 
So how do we celebrate the day of bachelorhood? You can drink an Old maid cocktail , play the card game Old maid, listen to the song "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles and enjoy generally single for as long as it lasts.

June 4 is also The 35th of May

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